April 2011

Jail for man who molested school girl


A 27 year old man who was a victim of a punishment beating by paramilitaries in April had been sent to prison for 12 months for molesting a 14 year old girl

Jonathan Hyndman from Carlton drive in Strabane was also placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years and ordered to spend 16 months on license following his release

On Friday he pleaded guilty at Omagh crown court to charges of sexually touching the child and carrying out a act of “revolting penetration”

The court was told that although Hyndman claimed he was unaware the girl was under the legal age of consent, he did in fact know she was not yet 16, which is the age set out by legislation

The defendant which was described as having a “low IQ” brought a rucksack to court with him as he expected to be sent to jail. On March 27 last year he approached the schoolgirl, who was then aged 14 years old, near a playpark in the town and struck up a conversation with her

He then asked her to go for a walk, and after having a general conversation, grabbed her and gave her a kiss, telling her he could not resist her

He then touched her inappropriately. The child then told investigating police officers that she was “too scared to say no, in case he flipped, and I had never done that sort of thing before”

The two swapped numbers and exchanged texts over the following fortnight which became more and more sexual in nature

They arranged to meet up again in Sion Mills, when the girl asked a friend of her mother to take her to meet Hyndman. However the friend became suspicious and alerted the girls parents to the situation

On April 4, Hyndman and his victim met in Sion Mills, where he touched her
intimately and told her that he loved her

Despite attempts to push him off, the defendant also performed a number of sex acts on her

The victim later told police, “he was too strong” to push away and that he continued after she had told him to stop

The child’s parents alerted the police to the situation