March 2006

Applause as man is jailed for sex with a 15 year old girl

A man of 35 who had under age sex with a 15 year old girl has been sent to prison for nine months

Christopher Carre admitted the offence in the magistrates court

He said he did not know the girl was only 15 years old 

But assistant magistrate Philip Robey noted that it would of been easy for him to of found out, just how old she was

Carre, 34 at the time of the offences, of Saline villa, Saltpans, St Sampsons, and the girls father had a row and he was banned from visiting. But the mother continued to allow him to see the daughter

Inspector Terry Coule said Carre took the girl to a vale headland and asked her to have sex. Afterwards he told her, not to tell anyone, and that if she told her mother  , her life would not be worth living. The girl was upset

Inspector Coule said that Carre had asked for two other offences to be taken in to consideration

He said that the defendant had admitted sleeping with the girl first in the bedroom, and then in a car. When interviewed Carre said he had stopped doing so, when someone told him she was just 15 years old

Advocate Chris Green told the court that Carre denied threatening to her not to tell anyone about what had happened

Carre had no relevant previous convictions

Members of the public gallery who were warned twice to remain silent, applauded when the sentence was read out