June 2013

Web pervert made girl cut herself on webcam


A PREDATORY paedophile pressured a teenage girl into cutting herself while he watched on a webcam after threatening to send indecent pictures of her to her parents.

Lee Gordon Christie, 43, of Barnby Gate, Newark, was jailed for eight years on Tuesday for terrorising girls online.

He pretended to be a 17 year old teenage body builder to persuade young girls to strip and carry out indecent acts.

He manipulated and threatened ten victims aged 13-16, and accumulated thousands of indecent images of children.

Besides pressuring the 14-year-old to hurt herself, he told one of his youngest victims, aged just 13, that he would kill her family if she didn’t do what he asked.

Christie admitted 23 charges and was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court.

His home was raided by the Notts Police Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit in January last year.

Nearly 70,000 indecent images and videos of children were found on two of his computers, as well as another 3,000 images of extreme pornography.

He was arrested after the force got a tip-off from the Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP) who intercepted him on a US social networking site while he claimed to be a teenage boy.

Users claimed he had been persuading young girls to expose themselves online and had boasted that he owned a large collection of indecent images of young girls.

Detective Constable Andy Taylor, from the Force’s Sexual Exploitation Investigation Unit, said: “Christie used MSN and social networking sites to get close to girls all over the country. In reality, he was a man in his forties locked away at home obsessed with young girls.

“He would first get them to trust him before persuading them to take their clothes off online. Once he had images of them, he would blackmail them to do what he asked.

“The girls he targeted were very young and vulnerable and they became terrified of him. He would threaten to turn up at their doors and hurt them and their family if they did not carry out his orders.

He added: “He even made one girl cut herself as he watched – he was spiralling out of control and caused untold damage to his victims. It’s fortunate that his devious behaviour was noticed by other people online and the authorities were notified.”

Christie admitted he had a huge catalogue of indecent images of children and confessed to using a number of fake profiles on social networking sites.

He also admitted spending up to 20 hours a day on the internet trying to entice young girls to strip and engage in sexual activity online.

Chat logs found on his computers also showed Christie had been discussing the sexual abuse of young girls with other paedophiles.

It was also discovered that Christie had taken indecent images of two girls, then aged 13 and 14, at an address in Notts in 2004.

He admitted 15 counts of making indecent images of children, possession of 69,542 indecent images of children and six counts of causing a female aged 13 or over to engage in sexual activity.

He also admitted possession of extreme pornography and a prohibited image of a child.

He will sign the sex offenders register for life and was given a sexual offences prevention order for life.

Anyone wanting to report inappropriate behaviour online, including people who believe the person contacting them may be an adult in disguise, can report the issue to CEOP on their website ceop.police.uk/safety-centre/.

Parents, carers, teachers and young people can visit http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk for information and advice.