June 2013

Man captured on CCTV trying to have sex with under-age girl

A KNOWLE man captured on CCTV having a sexual encounter with a “vulnerable” under-age girl has been jailed for two years.

Matthew Milkins, 36, was seen in a sex act with the youngster and attempting to have sex with her.

Milkins, of Kildare Road, pleaded guilty to two charges of having sexual activity with a child.

Judge Geoffrey Mercer QC told him: “This was a girl who was vulnerable and had her difficulties.

“The emotional and psychological harm caused cannot be under-estimated. Who knows?”

Milkins was made the subject of a sexual offences order, designed to keep him away from children.

He was ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Charles Thomas, prosecuting, said the youngster was spoken to and confirmed full sex had not happened.

Mr Thomas told the judge: “She came from a troubled background with significant social services input in the past.”

Milkins had no relevant previous convictions, the court heard.

Sam Jones, defending, said his client pleaded guilty at the end of April.

Mr Jones said: “He has been waiting for today with some very real concern and fear of spending his first time in custody.

“The proceedings have had an effect on him and his family and friends.”

Mr Jones said his “immature” client had drunk heavily on the day in question, which combined with medication he took resulting from a serious brain injury he suffered as a young man.

Mr Jones told the court: “He found himself alone with this girl.

“She had also been drinking.

“There’s a conversation between them for 20 minutes or so.

“She is a mature 14-year-old with a history of involvement with older men.

“This would not have been her first sexual encounter.”

The court was told Milkins had been taking steps to reduce his alcohol consumption.

Mr Jones urged for sex offender treatment for the protection of the public rather than immediate custody.