February 2003

Internet child abuse images pervert caught in raids

Coventry man admits downloading indecent/abusive images of children from the internet. 

He was caught by Operation Ore, a collaboration between American and British police officers investigating credit card payments made to a child pornography ring in Texas, Coventry magistrates heard

Andrew Sedgley, aged 44, of Station Street East, Foleshill, pleaded guilty to six charges of making indecent photographs of children between June 1999 to September 2002. 

John McCann, prosecuting, said said police had raided Sedgley’s home last September and seized computer equipment from two bedrooms. 

“As a result of a police search of a mini disc, it was identified by Sedgley as containing indecent photographs of children. 

“He said he only once entered his credit card details in order to obtain these pictures.” 

A total of 1,450 images were found, mostly pictures of nudity but some contained children involved in sex acts with other children and adults.