February 2021

Exmouth man jailed for downloading child abuse images

A paedophile has been jailed for downloading child sex abuse images from the internet.

Lidio Morrineau, 51, was caught with hundreds of indecent pictures on his laptop after a police raid of his home in Exmouth.

The defendant has a history of similar offending dating back to 2004 and the judge at Exeter Crown Court said he had no option but to jail him considering the risk of reoffending he posed.

The defendant, of Withycombe Park Drive, admitted three offences of making indecent photos of children. He was jailed for nine months.

Prosecutor Mr Lee Bremridge said police officers executed a warrant at the home Morrineau shared with his elderly mother in June 2018.

They found images of the most serious child abuse (category A), as well as others covering both category B and C.

Search terms also indicated he had deliberately been looking for such material.

Morrinaeu has previously been given suspended jail sentences by the court and completed sex offender programmes.

Judge David Evans said imposing another court order may give him the impression that each time he came to court he could only be helped by a non-custodial term.

He told the defendant: “In interview with police you admitted a long standing sexual interest in pre-pubescent girls and also said you had no images.”

He said he could not ignore the defendant’s background.

“You clearly pose a very considerable risk of reoffending in the future,” added the judge. “It is difficult to conclude you are a realistic rehabilitation prospect.”

July 2013

Paedophile dressed dummy as a child

A paedophile who downloaded fresh child abuse images while on a sex offenders’ course was found with a dummy dressed in girls’ clothes in his bedroom.

Lidio Morrineau carried on searching the web for pictures of girls as young as four despite having completed a course which was designed to help cure him of his unhealthy interest in children.

He had been taken off the sex offenders’ register because he was no longer considered a risk but was secretly accumulating a virtual library of 18,000 images. When police raided his home in Exmouth they found a child-sized mannequin dressed as a little girl and a pair of pink girl’s knickers under his computer chair.

His hoard of child pornography included 338 showing adults abusing little girls, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Morrineau, aged 43, of Maer Vale, Exmouth, admitted a total of 14 charges of making or possessing indecent images of children. He was jailed for 12 months, suspended for 12 months and ordered to attend a new internet sex offenders’ course.

Judge Francis Gilbert also made an order preventing unsupervised contact with children and forcing him to make any computers available to the police for inspection.

The judge said he was not sending him to jail because he believes the public will be better protected by him going on a further treatment course

May 2013

Exmouth paedophile found with 18,000 child abuse images

A convicted paedophile has been warned he faces jail after being caught with 18,000 items of child pornography on his computer.

Lidio Benedick Morrineau has already been caught once for similar offences and re-offended despite being sent on a sex offenders’ course.

He accumulated a huge hoard of still and moving images over a two year period while he was still on the Sex Offenders’ Register, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Morrineau, aged 43, of Maer Vale, Exmouth, admitted a total of 14 charges of making or possessing indecent images of children.

The charges relate to 17,526 still and 683 moving images of which most were at the lowest level one but more than 600 relate to more extreme material showing child abuse.

There were more than 100 images at level five, which depicts violent child abuse involving sadism or bestiality.

Morrineau was sent on a internationally recognised sex offenders’ treatment programme after being found with child pornography in 2004.

Judge Francis Gilbert, QC, adjourned the case for pre sentence reports but warned him the starting point for such serious offences is an immediate jail sentence.

He said:”On the face of it, without hearing more, this case merits immediate custody. If he wants to try to avoid that the views of his supervising officer may be of assistance.

“I do not hold out any promises. These are serious matters, particularly in the light of his previous conviction and the persistence this shows and the repetition of what are serious offences.”

Mr Nick Bradley, defending, said:”A pre sentence report would be useful because he has already been on the sex offenders’ treatment programme and it is a matter of concern he is back with these offences.

“My instructions are he feels he benefitted from the course and the court may be helped by having information from those who dealt with him.

“Even if a prison sentence is inevitable the court may find it helpful to have the views of those who treated him in deciding the length of sentence.”