December 2012

Teenager fell prey to sexual predator


A drugged-up predator who preyed upon an underage girl for his own sexual means has been sent to prison for three years.

Jamie Carter, 29, was sent down at Derby Crown Court after admitting to nine counts of sexual activity with a female under the age of 16.

The offences took place over several months and involved a 14–year–old girl who later turned 15.

The father–of–two, who lived in Matlock at the time, but more recently lived at Brookside Meadows, in Ashbourne, touched the girl in a sexual manner.

The girl recorded each encounter she had with the defendant on the calender on her mobile phone.

Officers showed him explicit text messages he had sent the victim and he initially claimed they were just a joke.

Nicholas Worsley, defending, said the activity between the two had been fully consensual and at later stages the girl had wanted to engage in full sexual intercourse, however Carter had not let this happen.

He said his client had been using the drug MCat at the time of the offences.

“He was using unlawful drugs and they had affected his judgement to the seriousness of the offences,” Mr Worsley said. “He’s devastated by what he has done. He accepts his stupidity.”

Judge Timothy Spencer QC commented: “These are serious matters.

“This is a series of conduct over ten months involving the exploitation of a girl initially 14, latterly 15.”

As well as the prison sentence, Carter was given sexual offences prevention order for a period of ten years.