August 2013

18-months’ prison for Dundee indecent child images man

A former nurse who admitted possessing indecent photos of children and extreme pornography was jailed for 18 months on Friday.

Duncan Trueland, 57, had been found with video files with a total running time of more than 11 days. He was handed a four–and-a-half year extended sentence and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

Sheriff Richard Davidson described the material as “vile” and said “it almost defies description”.

Trueland, of Thorter Way, City Quay, had admitted three separate charges relating to photographs of children and animals.

He admitted that on June 29 2008 and August 8 2012 he took or permitted to be taken or made indecent photographs or pseudo photographs of children. He also admitted that on June 29 2008 and August 21 2012 he had in his possession photographs or pseudo photographs of children with a view to distribution. He further admitted that on August 8 2012 he had in his possession extreme pornographic images.

The court had heard that a police search uncovered indecent still images, videos and extreme pornography. The total running time of the video files was 11 days, 18 hours, six minutes and 21 seconds.

Trueland’s solicitor Ann Johnston said to the sheriff: “He made all steps to address his behaviour, contacting various support groups. I’d ask that you take the unusual step in a case like this and refrain from a period of custody.”

Sheriff Davidson said he had spent time with a detective officer having to look at a sample of the material. He said, “It almost defies description, the horror of some of them.”

Sheriff Davidson described the images as “utterly deviant and quite appalling”.

He said: “This court has a responsibility to protect vulnerable people and that includes women and children who are dragged into the making of these types of production.

“I am entirely satisfied that sexual gratification is entirely what you are after.”

Trueland was given a four-and-a-half year extended sentence with an 18-month period in custody.

Following his release, the court heard he will be on licence, subject to conditions.

He is to be placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years and was recommended to be on the list as unsuitable to work with children or vulnerable adults.

July 2013

Nurse faces jail term after being caught with child abuse videos

A nurse from Dundee caught with a range of child abuse, beastiality and “extreme” porn videos is facing jail.

Duncan Trueland, who was a forensic psychiatric nurse for NHS Tayside, downloaded more than 600 videos on his computer at his home in the city’s Lawers Road over a four-year period.

Police uncovered the images after raiding his home last August. Trueland originally claimed he did not know the animal sex images were illegal, but confessed after officers said they would have to interview his ill wife when he initially refused to comment on the crimes.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard Trueland, who no longer works for the Tayside health board, is now seeing a “forensic sexologist”.

In his role with the health board Trueland worked with vulnerable people with severe mental disorders, often criminals or victims of violent or sexual crimes.

Fiscal depute Isma Mukhtar said: “Police received intelligence as part of a nationwide operation and a search warrant was granted.

“Police arrived and the accused led them into the dining room where he went to the computer and minimised a chat window as an officer took hold of his arm.

“He was taken to police HQ and initially gave a no comment interview, but when officers said they would have to interview his wife he said he would make a voluntary statement.

“He told officers ‘If I’m brutally honest I think I can’t help it’. He said he was impotent because of his diabetes and it was a habit and he was just going through the motions.

“In total 583 videos depicting indecent images of children were found. There were 601 videos of beastiality and 44 extreme porn videos depicting extreme bondage, rape and sexual abuse.

“The total running time for the videos was 11 days, 18 hours, six minutes and 21 seconds.”

The 57-year-old, now of Thorters Way, Dundee, pleaded guilty on indictment to three charges under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act.

He admitted downloading child abuse images between June 29 2008 and August 8 2012 and possessing them with a view to distributing them between the same dates. He further admitted possessing extreme pornographic images on August 8 2012.

Anne Johnston, defending, said: “He is 57 and a retired psychiatric nurse. Since these offences he has been at a group work programme and has seen an expert in forensic sexology.”

Sheriff Richard Davidson deferred sentence for background reports until next month and placed Trueland on the sex offenders register.

He said: “I have no doubt this is a huge personal tragedy for you to be discovered and brought in to the public arena but that seems to be the only way of putting a stop to this vile trade.

“I’m always struck by the misery depicted on the faces of the children concerned in these and I’m at a complete loss as to how someone of clear intelligence like you can get themselves in to this kind of situation.”

It is understood Trueland retired from his job at NHS Tayside after the offences came to light.