July 2013 – Released from prison – Possibly living in Surrey

September 2008

Sex beast caged for seven years

james scott

A TWISTED sex fiend who subjected two young girls to horrendous abuse at houses in Paisley and Linwood has been jailed for over seven years.

Predator James Scott, 51, abused the girls – who were aged just six and 12 – decades ago.

At the High Court in Edinburgh Lord Brodie said: “Your behaviour was selfish, cruel, wicked and damaging.

“These acts were to prove very damaging to both girls and had a very adverse effect on their lives.”

Scott had earlier admitted abusing one girl, who was aged 12, at houses in Paisley in 1981 and 1982 and assaulting her by carrying out a sex act on her after head-butting her.

He also pled guilty to abusing his other victim when she was aged just six and seven in 1981 and 1982 at houses in Paisley and Linwood.

Lord Brodie told Scott prison was the only way to deal with him and said: “I regard these offences as very serious.”

The court heard Scott’s younger victim suffered a number of psychiatric problems after she was abused, and felt her youth had been taken away from her.

The other victim started to run away from home and got into trouble at school, but later went on to obtain a university degree through sheer hard work and determination.

The abuse only came to light in 2000 after one of the victims went to the police, and Scott’s lawyers later raised human rights challenges over the proceedings against him.

Defence solicitor advocate Ann Ogg said Scott regretted what had taken place.

Lord Brodie told garden centre worker Scott, now of Etcham in Surrey, he would have jailed him for eight years for his sex crimes, but the sentence would be reduced following his guilty plea.

The court previously heard Scott lived locally at the time and would climb into bed with the youngest girl and warn her not to tell anyone what had happened.

He made his other victim perform sex acts on him and fondled her private parts. The court was told the abuse was “frequently perpetrated” against the older girl.

He would push her down and kiss her and eventually he began to touch her sexually, placing his hand inside her nightdress when she was in bed.

His advances developed from touching to become “more invasive”.

After prolonged episodes, she felt helpless and frightened, was confused, blamed herself and experienced guilt.

On one occasion, he used “significant force” against her while he was drunk.

He pushed her on to a couch, pulled down her trousers and pants and, when she struggled and tried to stop him, he head-butted her on the face.

She later reported that she felt sick as she was dragged by the hair along the floor and made to perform a sexual act on him.

The court was told the act was so violent and extremely shocking that she had not recovered from it even after 27 years.

Attacks against the younger girl happened many times when she was aged between five and six years.

He put her through sickening ordeals which have left her with psychiatric problems.

She became withdrawn, unhappy and, suffering from depression, attended Dykebar Hospital where she had learned she could not move on with her life until she had disclosed what had happened to her.

She contacted the police in 2000 and gave a full statement. His other victim later also gave a statement to officers brought in to investigate the complaint.