July 2013

Paedophile targeted mum to groom her daughter, 15


A PAEDOPHILE started a relationship with a woman to get close to her 15-year-old daughter, a judge heard.

Paul Mitchell, of East Avenue, Oxford, was yesterday branded dangerous by a judge after he admitted breaching a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

The 42-year-old was jailed for rape in June 1991 and has been repeatedly convicted of sexually assaulting teenage girls.

Tom Godfrey, prosecuting, said he indecently assaulted a girl aged 15 or under in 1987, a girl under 16 in 1999 and two 14-year-old girls in 2001.

He said in July last year he began a relationship with a woman from Liverpool he had met playing computer games on the internet.

The barrister said Mitchell found out the woman had three children, including a 15-year-old girl, and went to stay with the family on a number of occasions.

Mr Godfrey said during these visits the defendant’s focus was on his new partner’s daughter, who he followed around and started texting frequently.

He added: “On one occasion he followed her up to her room and she slammed the door in his face.

“After that she asked if she could have a lock on her door, which was duly done.”

Mr Godfrey told Judge Mary Jane Mowat the girl’s mother became concerned about Mitchell’s behaviour towards her daughter.

This included offering to take her out on trips and to a pop concert, as well as telling the 15-year-old he loved her in text messages, he explained.

Mr Godfrey said although nothing happened between Mitchell and the girl, his behaviour suggested “a plan that was thwarted before it got to its completion”.

The barrister also said that the defendant told his former partner he wanted to marry her and she now feels “used and taken advantage of”.

Imran Mahmood, defending, said his client had genuine feelings for the girl’s mother and had intended to marry her.

His behaviour breached his Sexual Offences Prevention Order in four ways – by lying to probation about where he was; by texting a girl under 16; by using the internet without restrictions; and by staying in a house where there was a girl under 16.

He has also repeatedly breached his order in the past. At Oxford Crown Court Judge Mowat sentenced him to three and a half years in prison.

She told him he had shown complete defiance of the court order, which will now continue indefinitely.

Judge Mowat said: “It goes without saying in my view given your record that you are dangerous and potentially a risk to children.

“It is very, very difficult to avoid the conclusion that your reason for starting a relationship with this woman was her daughter.”