December 2018

Dangerous sex offender had child sexual abuse images on phone

A CONVICTED sex offender who lied about having indecent images of children in pain on his mobile phone has been given an extended prison sentence after being branded dangerous by a judge.

Burnley Crown Court heard how officers from the sex offenders management team had been to the home of 61-year-old Michael James Guy to carry out a random spot check as part of the terms of a sexual offences prevention order he received in 2013 in relation to offences of grooming.

Those offences, which took place in the Hyndburn area, saw him make sexual comments to three girls aged 12 to 14 and ply them with alcohol.

When he was arrested at that time police found more than 300 indecent photos on his computer.

For those offences he was jailed for three years and given the indefinite sexual offences prevention order, which limited his access to the internet and meant he had to present all internet-enabled devices to officers when requested to do so.

During a police visit on January 27 that Guy’s latest offending came to light.

Prosecuting, Emma Kehoe said: “The defendant did provide a mobile phone to the police. He was then asked about the whereabouts of a Motorola phone and a tablet. Mr Guy told police he had sold the Motorola and disposed of the tablet because it was broken.”

Police then found an Xgody mobile phone.

Guy, who has convictions for unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault, was arrested and when police examined the phone they found 26 Category A indecent images of children, 28 Category B, 1,901 Category C, and 86 prohibited images.

Ms Kehoe said: “All the images are of girls. Their approximate ages seems to be between four and nine. Some of the images clearly demonstrated pain and distress being suffered by the children.

“When Mr Guy was interviewed by police he said he found the phone on a train. He was going to hand it in to the police but he didn’t. He denied he was responsible for downloading any of the images.”

Guy, now of HMP Forest Bank, but formerly of Spring Street, Rishton, and Newfield Drive, Nelson, admitted three counts of breaching a sexual offences prevention order, three counts of downloading indecent images of children and one of downloading prohibited images.

Recorder Christopher Hudson jailed Guy for four years and three months and gave him a two-year extended licence.


June 2017

Sex offender is warned about contact with girls

A CONVICTED sex offender caught sending social media messages to two under-age girls has been warned he could be facing significant jail sentences in future.

Michael Guy, 60, has previously been placed under a sexual harm prevention order, after being jailed in 2013 for grooming three young girls.

Burnley Crown Court heard he had sent two messages to a 15-year-old and also attempted to contact a 10-year-old girl via Facebook.

Prosecutors say that neither of the girls responded to the communications.

But when police went to Guy’s home, they found a naked picture of a young girl, taken at a picnic, which he had accessed on his computer on no fewer than six occasions.

Guy, formerly of Spring Street, Rishton, but now of Newfield Drive, Nelson, pleaded guilty to breaching his prevention order by communicating with the girls and possession of the indecent images.

Iain Simkin, defending, said his client had already been given a six-month suspended prison sentence by magistrates, in February, for breaching the order.

But his electronic devices could not be analysed, in time for that hearing, so he now faced the present offences, the court heard.

Mr Simkin said the defendant had struggled to understand the limitations of the court order but was now fully aware of them, having been remanded in custody since the end of February.

Jailing him for six months, Judge Beverley Lunt said that if all the offences had been dealt with together she would have been minded to pass the same term.

The judge also told him: “You need to take this order very seriously, do you understand? Otherwise it’s you that will keep on ending up in the dock.

“There is no question that if you come back again, any judge will look at giving you three or four years’ custody, before giving you any credit for a guilty plea.”

Guy’s original offending, in the Hyndburn area, saw him make sexual comments to girls aged 12 to 14 and plying them with alcohol.

He was arrested and police found more than 300 indecent photos on his computer. A court heard he had convictions for unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault.

July 2013

Hyndburn groomer is jailed

A PERVERT who sexually groomed three girls and also kept child abuse pictures, including some of babies being abused has been jailed for three years

Michael Guy, 56, plied the girls with alcohol and two of them got drunk.

He made sexual comments to the girls aged between 12 and 14, and tickled one of them. One of the girls told her uncle, after Guy told them not to tell their parents.

The defendant was arrested and police found more than 300 indecent photos of children on a computer and discs at his home, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Guy, who has convictions for unlawful sexual intercourse from 1978 and indecent assault, was later said to have commented he would have tried to have sex with one of them.

Guy, of Spring Street, Rishton, admitted three counts of sexual grooming and 11 allegations of possessing an indecent photo of a child.

He was jailed for three years, given an indefinite sexual offences prevention order, banning him from having children in his home, and barred from working with children and ordered to sign the sexual offenders’ register for life.

Jon Close, prosecuting, told the court one of the girls said she told Guy her age and another said she was wearing her school uniform at his house.

On one occasion, Mr Close said the defendant tickled one of the girls. She became uncomfortable and the girls left.

They returned three days later, Guy apologised and specifically asked them not to tell their parents, as they might take it the wrong way.

Guy was arrested on February 3 and police seized a laptop, CDs and physical photos of girls.

On the computer, police discovered 148 indecent images – 114 at level one, the lowest, five at level two, six at level three, 22 at level four and one at level five. The discs had on them 190 pictures at level one, one at level three and nine at level four. The pictures showed children aged from babies to 12.

Philip Holden, for Guy, said there was no coercion or intimidation of the girls.

Sentencing, Judge Andrew Woolman said the images were ‘quite disgusting’ and parts of Guy’s pre-sentence report were disturbing.

May 2013

Rishton man faces jail for sexual grooming

A RISHTON man who has confessed to meeting three schoolgirls after ‘sexual grooming’ has been told he faces jail.

Michael Guy, 56, was also discovered with a stash of child pornography by Lancashire Police when he was arrested, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Guy, of Spring Street, admitted three offences of meeting a child following sexual grooming. One victim was said to have been aged just 12.

He also pleaded guilty to 11 offences of possession of indecent images, at least 23 of which are in the two most serious categories of child pornography.

Guy denied one offence of sexual assault, involving the 12-year-old, and prosecutor Michael Lavery said it was not in the public interest to proceed with that allegation, given his pleas to the other offences. The defendant was remanded in custody for probation reports to be prepared and will be sentenced on June 14. Adjourning the case, Judge Simon Newell said: “I am ordering a pre-sentence report, but you must expect custody.”