August 2013

Porkellis man pleads guilty over indecent pictures of children

A 63-YEAR-OLD man who admitted six counts of making indecent photographs of children and four of possessing extreme pornography involving animals has been ordered to complete an internet sex offenders’ programme.

Robert Handley-Fairbairn, of Porkellis, was found to have images of girls as young as eight on his computer when police searched his home after receiving a tip off, Truro Crown Court heard on Friday, when he appeared for sentencing.

Elaine Hobson, for the CPS, said Handley-Fairburn also had more than 1,500 extreme pornographic images of adult women with dogs and horses.

She said: “He was interviewed about these matters and what he says is that it was as a result of problems he suffered when he got shingles which affected his sex life. He has turned to these images for stimulation.”

She added that his main interest had been in the adult animal pornography rather than the children.

Lucy Bryant, defending, said Handley-Fairbain led a very isolated life and did not confide his problems in his partner or friends.

She said: “He is grateful for these proceedings because it has given him the wake-up call that he would not otherwise have had.”

Handley-Fairbairn was sentenced to a community order for three years with two years’ supervision by the probation service.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark, QC, said the defendant had become addicted to the internet where it was easy to access hardcore material.

He said: “I am happy to see the government are taking some steps to prevent people accessing pornography through the internet.”

He added that he thought Handley-Fairbairn was a decent and proud man and that part of his punishment was appearing in court.