July 1994

Jailed after toddler attack

A solicitors clerk who assaulted his girlfriends son so violently that the toddlers head swelled twice its normal size has been jailed for just 6 months

Liverpool crown court heard that doctors believe that 25 year old Paul Leyland probably held the boy by his ears and shook him and also struck him several times on the side of the head

Leyland of Falkland road, Seacombe who has since lost his job was convicted of assault after a week long trial

Jailing, Judge Denis Clark said the attack, which occurred while Leyland was minding the two year old for a couple of hours, had the child with extensive bruising and must of been very painful for the child

“There are many toddlers around without fathers for protection” he said

The judge said he was limiting the sentence to six months, as Leyland who now works as a assistant supermarket manager had never been in trouble before

Prosecuting counsel Mr William Waldron told the jury, that the boy had multiple bruising to the head and face. His eyes were both completely closed and his whole head was swollen.

The little boy had been taken to hospital from his home on September 14th after his distressed mother rushed to the home of a friend who was a nurse

Mr Waldron said the injuries had occurred while Leyland was minding the child with his girlfriend, with whom he had been living with for four months, went out for two hours

Leyland denied the allegations and claimed the mother, who is imminently expecting his child, had confessed to him that she had caused the injuries and asked him to take the blame

The court heard the boy had made a complete recovery and that the couple are no longer together. Defense counsel Mr Adrian Smith said that Leyland had no history of losing his temper