August 2013

Woman who attacked baby avoids jail term

A WOMAN unable to control her temper has admitted assaulting a baby on a bus in Colchester.

Louise McKay, 39, of Dahlia Walk, Colchester, pleaded guilty to assaulting the nine-month-old boy when she appeared before the town’s magistrates.

She also admitted assaulting a 17-year-old girl during the incident on theFirst bus.

Trouble flared while the bus was in Hawthorn Avenue, Greenstead, on July 1.

The baby boy’s mother, who is also the teenager’s stepmother, was also on board the bus at the time.

She claimed the McKay’s husband told the baby to “shut up” after he started saying ‘dad, dad, dad’.

McKay allegedly then asked if the mother and her children had a problem with her husband being disabled.

The defendant then got up and hit the teenager and shouted at her, it was claimed.

The mother and children tried to get off the bus but said McKay hit the baby around the back and slapped him in the face.

They were followed off the vehicle by Mackay where the baby’s mother claimed she rammed the buggy into a bin.

A handful of other passengers witnessed the fracas, which has started shortly after the young family boarded the bus at the Hythe Tesco store.

The mother dialled 999 and police attended minutes later.

Evelyn Hicks, mitigating, said McKay she had mental health issues and learning difficulties.

She gave no comment to police when interviewed.

However, she said she had been to see her GP since the incident and had referred herself to Mind, a mental health charity.

John Woollard, district judge, told Mackay: “ This is a serious offence and

has serious consequences for you in the future because you assaulted children.

“I am concerned about your inability to control your temper. The offence is

serious enough to impose a community penalty.”

Mackay was given a six-month supervision order and told to pay each of the children £50 compensation.

She must also pay a £60 surcharge and £50 court costs.