August 2013

Beast freed to rape again


AN Oldham man described in court as a “glorified pimp” was released from a jail sentence for raping a 12-year-old girl — only to commit another violent rape. 

Andrew Moore (62) was jailed for 12 years by a judge at Manchester Crown Court for the assault and violent rape of a woman in January 2011. 

The court heard that Moore was previously sentenced to 10 years in prison in December, 1995, for the rape and indecent assault of a 12-year-old girl. 

At his latest sentencing, Judge Khokhar said he believed Moore had no remorse. 

Moore was sentenced to 12 years for rape, two years for serious bodily harm and 18 months for actual bodily harm, all to run concurrently with an extra three-year extended licence period. 

Moore met his latest victim through an advert she placed as a sex worker four years ago. They went on to have a two-year relationship and a child, now in care. 

The charges related to two incidents: Moore violently raped a woman at his home in Pellowe Road, Hathershaw in January 2011. 

There had been some consensual sex in the days leading up to the offence, but the victim was concerned after Moore had asked her to pretend to be a five-year-old girl. 

Moore had developed alcohol and drug problems and an abnormal sex drive; he kept a school uniform at his home and took photographs of the victim against her wishes. 

On the day of the rape, Moore insisted on sex but the victim refused. The court heard she was “rigid with fear” during the ordeal. 

The second incident, in February 2011, came about when Moore, acting as a “glorified pimp” drove the victim to two jobs in Droylsden and Dukinfield and left her without money to get home. 

She got home eventually and an argument broke out over their child. Moore violently assaulted her and attempted to strangle her before using a knife to cut her.