June 2014: Michael Watts will be released in January 2016 – However David challis’ earliest possible release is 2019

August 2013

Paedophiles who carried out systematic sexual abuse jailed


Two paedophiles who destroyed their victims lives have been sentenced and imprisoned this week at Southampton crown court, after both pleading guilty at a earlier court appearance to multiple sex offence charges against young boys 

David challis, 52, (pictured above) of Southampton who is a former under 15s football club manager has been jailed for a total of 8 years for the systematic sexual abuse of several children. His convictions involve multiple offences of: sexual activity with a child, indecent assaults and taking or making indecent of images of children. His offences relate to several male children


Michael Watts, 34, (pictured above) who has lived in Southampton most of his life was employed as a cleaner at Sandy Balls holiday park in Fordingbridge, Hampshire was jailed for a total of 3 years for offences relating to sexual activity with a child. His offences relate to one male child

The court heard that vile Challis started abusing his first victim two decades ago. His victim was a young boy. His second victim was also a male child. That abuse was carried out between 2010 and last year. His third victim which was also the victim of Watts. the boy was aged between 13 and 15 years old and took place between 2010 and this year.

In a witness impact statement, the boy who was abused by both perverts said he had been left with depression, suicidal tendencies and the eating disorder of Bulimia. 

The first victim described how he had a break Down and even though he has moved on and has family of his own, he still struggles to deal with life in general and finds it hard to let people in. He says he bottles things up because he feels bad about his life and feels that he has let other victims down. He added, that no matter how long ago he was abused it has affected his life to this day. The final victim said that the abuse has left him feeling really Down and has lost his self confidence. He never wants to go out with mates and is worried about what other people think of him. He feels ashamed of himself 

It is believed that there may be more victims of Challis, that have not come forward

Both will be required to sign the sex offenders register when released from prison. Challis was also ordered by the judge to forfeit his computer and any indecent images for destruction

Challis’s convictions and sentence are below:

8 years imprisonment: count 10 (multiple counts of sexual assault with child under 13 years old)

3 years concurrent: count 2 (multiple counts of sexual activity with child) 

6 months concurrent: count 3 (indecent assault with male person)

16 months conconcurrent: count 4 (multiple indecent assault counts on male person)

3 years conconcurrent: (multiple indecent assault counts on male person)

3 years concurrent: count 11 (multiple counts of  sexual activity with child) 

3 years concurrent: count 13 (sexual activity child)

3 months concurrent: each count 15, 16, 17 & 20 (taking indecent photos of child)

9 months concurrent: each count 14, 18, 19, 21, 22 & 24 (taking indecent photos of child)

Total of 8 years with a 5 year extended licence

Michael Watts convictions and sentence are below:

3 years imprisonment count 26 (multiple sexual activity with child)

16 months concurrent (multiple sexual activity with a child)

Total 3 years