August 2013

Pair locked up for 22 years for sexually abusing young girl


Two men have been sentenced to 22 years in jail between them for sexually abusing a young girl.

Philip Crockett, aged 30, and William Loads, aged 29, both of Wellingborough, were sentenced last week.

The abuse of the girl was discovered in January this year when Loads showed his parents a text message he had received from Crockett.


Loads’ parents told a family friend, who worked for the police, who then alerted officers.

After the pair were arrested, police found at least 25 child abuse images on Loads’ mobile phone and 358 on Crockett’s computer, one of which was in the most serious category.

At a previous court hearing in July Crockett, of Guillemot Lane, Wellingborough, admitted two counts of sexually assaulting a female aged under 13.

Loads, of Bell Court, Wellingborough – who was described as having “significant cognitive impairment” and was therefore “susceptible”– admitted one count of sexually assaulting a female under 13.

At a hearing at Northampton Crown Court last week, Crockett was also sentenced on nine counts of either possessing or making indecent images of children. and Loads was sentenced on five counts of the same charge.

The men admitted all charges.

Judge Rupert Mayo said the pair, who the court heard had both had troubled childhoods, had collaborated in the abuse.

Sentencing Crockett to 14 years – with extended licence for a further six – and Loads to eight years, the judge said: “This is an alarming and depraved case where you used a girl as a sexual commodity.

“The emotional damage which has been caused to her will no doubt manifest itself in her later life.”

Both will remain on the sex offenders register for life.