October 2009

Thug jailed over landlord attack


A MAN who attacked landlord Simon Tuplin, leaving him with injuries from which he nearly died, was jailed for a total of 39 months by a judge at Grimsby Crown Court.

Mr Tuplin, the landlord of the Red Lion pub in Barton-Upon-Humber, fell to the ground and struck his head after being punched to the jaw by Craig Hillman.

Mr Tuplin suffered a fractured skull and swelling to the brain – injuries which may result in him suffering lifelong cognitive and intellectual impairment.

Hillman, 21, of Providence Crescent, Barton, committed the offence while on bail for an affray and also while subject to a community order given for two counts of sexual assault on a 13-year-old girl.

Judge David Tremberg, speaking of the attack on Mr Tuplin, told the defendant: “This victim fell, struck his head and sustained a fracture to the skull, an injury on which he nearly died.”

He continued: “He will probably always have significant cognitive and intellectual impairments.

“His family will have to endure the consequences of what you did for a very long time.”

Hillman pleaded guilty to causing Mr Tuplin grievous bodily harm an offence for which he was jailed for two years yesterday.

Speaking after the sentencing, Mr Tuplin’s partner Vicky Salter said she was ‘disappointed’ with the result in relation to Simon’s lengthy recuperation.

The court was told on May 15 Craig Hillman and his cousin Christopher Hillman had been drinking in Barton and they went to the Red Lion.

It was Mr Tuplin’s night off and he was enjoying a drink in his own pub.

Mr Tuplin began to feel unwell at about 11.30pm. He went outside to the alleyway to be sick. Christopher Hillman later told police he and the defendant had taken their glasses out with them and they were urinating against the wall. They were confronted by Mr Tuplin who took their beer off them and poured it away.

Craig Hillman became aggressive and Mr Tuplin told him to ‘back off’ said Alex Taylor, prosecuting.

Christopher Hillman turned around and saw this defendant with his clenched right fist lash out at Mr Tuplin.

The landlord fell to the ground, “There was a crack on the concrete floor,” said Mr Taylor.

Richard Lunn, mitigating, pointed out his client had only landed one punch. He assured the court Hillman had never intended to cause his victim such a serious injury.

Mr Lunn said he accepted custody was inevitable.

And following his release he did not intend to return to the Barton-Upon-Humber area.

Hillman also admitted possessing a blade, an alternative charge to the affray.

Judge Tremberg gave him nine months for this offence.

The judge also revoked the community sentence and sentenced Hillman to six months for the sexual assaults.

All sentences are to run consecutively.