October 2011

Jail for child-cruelty bully


A MAN who smashed a young boy’s head into a dinner plate and shot another with an air rifle has been jailed for 12 months. 

Gareth Meanock (36), who is an avid National Front supporter, subjected the two lads to almost seven years of cruelty. 

The far right-wing backer was described as a bully in court and Judge Bernard Lever called him an unremorseful man for his violent actions. 

One of the boys, now 16 years of age and who cannot be named for legal reason, is damaged according to his father. 

He told the Chronicle after sentencing at Manchester Minshull Street Court on Friday: “Meanock’s arrogance was there until the end and he showed no remorse whatsoever. 

“My son is still badly affected by what happened, but he is trying to get his life back on track. 

“I honestly did not think he was going to go to prison at one stage. It’s just a relief he has.” 

Meanock, who now lives in Blackpool, was convicted by a trial jury of two counts of child cruelty in July, who unanimously found him guilty. 

The court also heard how one of the boys was shot at by Meanock with an air rifle once and after missing, he shot him again. 

Meanock, who regularly moved house with his wife, lived at a range of addresses in the Oldham area, including Longfellow Crescent, London Road, Lees Road and Kipling Road. 

It is believed Meanock, who can be seen on social networking site, Facebook, holding a poster to “vote NF”, was first verbally abusive before his behaviour escalated into violence. 

Meanock, who does not work due to knee problems, denied any wrongdoing. Eventually one of the children bravely spoke out and the police became involved. 

Judge Lever said: “You have not admitted any of it and you have showed no remorse to this regime of cruelty.”