September 2013

‘Menace to children’: Wellingborough man jailed

Menace to children

A sex offender has been locked up for two years after he set up a watersports business aimed at children and then filmed some of them.

Stewart Willmer, 47, of Salem Lane, Wellingborough, was told he was a “menace and potential danger to children” by Recorder William Harbage at Northampton Crown Court as he was jailed.

Willmer had been handed a sexual offences prevention order in 2002 after being convicted of a string of indecency offences involving children as young as 12 in the 1990s.

The order stipulated that Willmer was to avoid contact with children and to not associate with other sex offenders.

However, police learned that Willmer was running a business called Get Wet Dry – which took watersports equipment to events like country fairs.

Prosecution barrister Alex Bull said that such attractions would naturally appeal to children.

Willmer was said to have taken the equipment to a number of events although the only one named in court was a fair in Hemswell, Lincolnshire.

He ran the business with another convicted sex offender.

A video promoting the firm was found on the internet which featured children.

Those investigating the case later learned that the footage had been filmed by Willmer.

Willmer was arrested and his computer seized.

It contained extreme pornography as well as covertly-filmed videos of children playing.

Recorder Harbage sentenced Willmer to two years in prison for breaking his initial order.

He said: “The orders were made for a good reason – to protect children from you.

“Despite that, you set up a business which was clearly going to attract children and you used the cover of that business to film children, as well as filming children covertly for no other reason I can see than sexual gratification.”

The court heard Willmer had 55 previous convictions for a variety of different offences over a period of nearly 20 years.

As well as indecency these included drugs, dishonesty and violence.