May 2013

Lee Tandy, 35, convicted of causing GBH to baby

Lee Tandy

This is Lee Tandy who caused such severe injuries to a baby he suffered bleeding on the brain, bruising and a fractured rib.

Tandy, 35, has now been jailed for five-and-a half years after being found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm and child cruelty against a three month-old boy in Worthing.

For legal reasons the child involved cannot be named.

Tandy, a financial services employee, of Mardale Road, Worthing, was charged with two offences of GBH and child cruelty against the baby in April and May 2011.

He was sentenced at Chichester Crown Court following a four-day trial in April where the jury found him guilty of all three charges.

The court heard that the baby was admitted to hospital with bleeding on the brain, bruised legs and a fractured rib on 29 May, 2011. The baby had also been admitted to hospital twice before. These injuries were found to be non-accidental.

The baby survived but spent time recovering in hospital.

After the case, Detective Constable Keith Fifield said: “This was a good result after what has been a long and complex investigation. Tandy inflicted grievous injuries on the baby, who was just a few months old at the time.”

Detective Sergeant Dave Hirst, of the Child Protection Team, added: “It is just under two years since the actual incident and within that time DC Keith Fifield and his colleagues conducted a thorough and complex investigation culminating in an excellent result today.

“As always I am in complete awe at the work detectives carry out in the Child Protection Team, which seeks to prosecute and safeguard children, the most vulnerable element of our society which in many cases, including this, has no voice.”