September 2013

Web pervert recruited woman to abuse child

Paul Hanlon

A PERVERT who recruited a woman in the United States to sexually abuse a three-year-old girl over a computer webcam while he watched has been jailed for more than six years.

Paul Hanlon spent hours trawling the internet looking for women who had helped paedophiles to gain access to children.

The 26-year-old made contact with a woman named Misty Wofford, a 24-year-old from Texas, who abused the toddler as he watched online at his Currie home.


During one piece of footage recovered by police, Wofford positioned the camera with her lying naked next to the child, who was also nude.

In another, Hanlon exposed his genitals on the webcam and performed a sex act while the woman made the little girl watch.


A search of Hanlon’s computer revealed the name and location of Wofford (pictured) as well as details of their discussion of using the three-year-old girl (blurred out) in their chats via Skype

Sentencing Hanlon yesterday at the High Court in Paisley, judge Lord Burns said that he had “used and manipulated” the woman and “orchestrated the abuse of a three-year-old”.

The judge added that Hanlon had “watched and directed” the events on camera for his own “perverted sexual gratification”.

Hanlon was jailed for six-and-a-half years and will be monitored for a further five years upon his release.

He had several webcam, Skype and message service chats with his Stateside conspirator in the home he shared with his mother in Muir Wood Road between August 9 and 18 last year.

His behaviour came to light while he was being investigated over child abuse images. His girlfriend had found a video of an adult having sex with a child and images of naked children on his computer.

When police turned up at Hanlon’s home, he claimed he was trying to capture the material so he could “report it”.

Solicitor advocate David Allan said: “What sparked the inquiry was information given by Mr Hanlon when he was first spoken to by the police.

“The information about the lady in Texas was volunteered by him.”

Mr Allan told the court that Hanlon was a first offender who had been diagnosed as suffering from “a variety of mental health problems”.

He added: “He has expressed remorse and regret for committing these offences.”

At the High Court in Edinburgh last month, Hanlon pleaded guilty to downloading and possessing child abuse images, conspiring to sexually abuse the child, committing voyeurism against her and exposing himself to the child.

He was found to have a total of 220 child abuse images and 120 videos, including one which featured animals.