September 2013

‘Dangerous’ child rapist from Blackburn sentenced to 16 years


A FORMER driver has been sentenced to 16 years in prison after being convicted of child sex offences.

Preston Crown Court heard how Frederick Roskell, of Oban Drive, Blackburn, committed the crimes in the 1990s against a boy, who was aged under 11 at the time, and a girl, who was under eight.

A police investigation, which lasted two years, was launched when one of the victims came forward. Six months after starting their inquiries, the second victim also decided to tell deectives about what had happened to them.

Roskell, 56, was finally convicted of one count of rape and six counts of sexual assault.

Officers praised the victims for having the courage to come forward, and said the result meant a ‘dangerous man’ had been taken off the streets.

Det Sgt Jamie Lillystone, from the public protection unit, said the investigation had been so complex because the allegations had dated back several years.

He said: “Although these offences were committed a long time ago, the victims have had to live with the effects ever since.

“This was a particularly complex case because of the historic nature of the offences, the fact that there were multiple victims, and the fact that they were so young at the time.

“That led to difficulties in obtaining detailed, and accurate, acounts from the victims.

“But the result is a testament to the courage, and strength, of the two victims, and many witnesses.

“It has undoubtedly removed a very dangerous man from the streets of Lancashire,” he added.