June 2011

‘Manipulative and predatory’ pensioner

A “MANIPULATIVE and predatory” pensioner who carried out a sex attack on a young girl has had his pleas for a lighter sentence thrown out by top judges.

Bryan Alwyn Hussey, 68, of Franchise Street, Kidderminster, was jailed for six years at Worcester Crown Court in November last year after he was convicted of sexually assaulting a child.

But Hussey brought his case to the Court of Appeal claiming the judge had not given enough weight to the problems he was facing at the time.

Three senior judges, sitting at the London court, ruled that Hussey was lucky to get just six years for the “grosteque” crimes, and upheld the sentence.


Mrs Justice Dobbs told the court Hussey put his hands under the clothes of an 11-year-old girl on a Halloween night some years ago and touched her.

The judge said the attack upset the girl, but she did not tell anybody until she had a sex education lesson at school and realised what Hussey had done.

Hussey, who the judge said had separated from his wife not long before the attack, also attempted to kiss the girl, for which he was charged with sexual assault.

A pre-sentence report found the pensioner, who continued to deny the offences, was “manipulative and predatory” and minimised the effect of his crimes.

His lawyers claimed the trial judge had not given enough weight to his personal circumstances and otherwise clean criminal record when handing him his six-year sentence.

But Mrs Justice Dobbs, sitting with Lord Justice Pitchford and Mr Justice Walker, rejected his appeal, commenting that he had not admitted his guilt and hence could have been given anything up to eight years inside.

She said: “He was fortunate that the total sentence was not longer than six years. The mitigating factors were properly reflected in the judge’s sentencing remarks but they are outweighed by the aggravating factor of the age of the victim.”