Mar 2005

Therapy ‘rekindled interest in child abuse images’

A MAN who claimed taking part in a probation service-run sex offenders’ programme re-awakened his interest in child abuse images has been jailed for two-anda-half years.

Police who searched Stephen Hanson’s home in Aughton found 2,645 indecent images of children being abused, on computer equipment.

Hanson told police that, after an earlier conviction, he had distanced himself from offending, but when he attended group therapy sessions with like offenders it had rekindled his interest.

Hanson, 27, of Claremont Drive, pleaded guilty to 40 offences of making indecent images of children, one of possession and one more of distribution.

David Pickup, prosecuting, told Preston crown court that a man in North Yorkshire had been investigated by a crime unit, inquiring into international paedophile rings.

This led to Hanson being arrested and charged.

When he appeared for sentencing at Preston crown court, Hanson’s barrister said that, after being given a community rehabilitation order for similar offences in 2000, the defendant had received counselling along with convicted rapists. Andrew Alty said: “At that stage, whether it is right or wrong, the programme that was adopted clearly didn’t work.”

Judge Jonathan Foster QC also directed that Hanson be placed on the sex offenders register for an indefinite period and be banned from working with children indefinitely.


Stephen Hanson has his own decorating company called Harmony Decorating Ltd which he established in 2010. This is a typical example of how paedophiles create companies of their own to avoid the CRB and DBS checks set in place to safeguard the public and the most vulnerable.