November 2013

Santander healthcare boss quits after paedophile revelations

Stephen Brooks

Santander’s regional director of health, education and communities has quit Santander after being exposed as a prolific convicted paedophile.

Former vicar Stephen Brooks (pictured) was jailed for four years in 1994 for carrying out 19 attacks on young boys in the 1980s and 1990s.

Brooks targeted the boys while working at St Paul’s Church, Sketty, Swansea. Eight of them suffered from mental health problems and the Sun claimed one of the victims attempted suicide as a result of the abuse.

St Paul’s Church, Sketty

The bank said that it was “shocked” to learn of Brooks’ past and “took immediate steps”, confirming “the employee has now resigned”.

Brooks claimed his employer knew about his past.

“All employees have Criminal Records Bureau vetting done, as I did, which is held on a confidential HR file. This was the core of my discussion when I joined,” he said.

“I deeply regret and apologise for the harm that I caused. I moved far away from the people I hurt and I have spent 20 years trying to do good and harm no one.”

A source at Santander said: “Our company policy prohibits hiring employees with unspent convictions. Clearly the process was not applied correctly in this instance and we recognise his employment was an error.”

Employment History since release from prison


Managing Director, Public Finance and Infrastructure

Group Head of Information Technology
D C Thomson & Co Ltd

Change Programme Director
Northern Rock

Global Information Technology Infrastructure Services Director
Wood Group PLC

April 1994

Vicar jailed for attacks on boys

A SOUTH WALES vicar who led a double life as a paedophile, inflicting sex attacks on young boys, was jailed for four years yesterday.

Sentencing Stephen Brooks, 39, who admitted 19 specimen counts of indecent assault over seven years, Judge Martin Stephens said: ‘You were destined for the highest position in the Church but you have caused immense harm and anguish.’

Swansea Crown Court was told that eight victims had since suffered mental problems and one, now 19, said he had turned to drink and had tried to kill himself.

Patrick Griffiths, for the prosecution, said Brooks was a ‘very well- liked man held in high regard and possessing considerable charisma. His integrity was unquestioned and children found him friendly and approachable’.

He sexually assaulted boys who visited him at his home at St Paul’s Church, Sketty, Swansea.