June 2014

Man jailed for 4 years for three counts of indecent assault against a young girl


John Edward Cusack, 52, of no fixed abode, but from Guernsey pleaded guilty and was sentenced in the island’s Royal Court.

On his release Cusack will be subject to a three year extended sentence, which includes conditions such as not contacting the victim.

Judge Russell Finch described the crimes as “disgusting and deplorable”.

The charges relate to assaults between 1991 and 1995.

Crown Advocate Fiona Russell, prosecuting, said the assaults had had a “significant impact” on the victim’s life including her relationship with her own children, who she is reluctant to take out in public due to her fears for their safety.

Defence Advocate David Domaille argued for a reduced sentence due to Cusack’s admission of guilt and his repeated written apologies in which he said he was “completely guilty and needed to be sentenced”.

Judge Finch said the sentence took into account Cusack’s danger to children and while in jail he would need to undergo treatment to address his behaviour.