June 2020

Sex offender scrawled graffiti over Plymouth war memorial

A vile sex offender has been locked up after defacing a Plymouth war memorial with black boot polish during the coronavirus lockdown.

Convicted paedophile Paul Manley downed several litres of cider and wrote his name on the Hoe monument honouring the city’s war dead.

The 58-year-old was jailed for seven years in 2007 for sexually abusing a teenager after getting him drunk in a Torbay park, a court heard.

Homeless Manley told police that he did not know why he had written on the war memorial by the junction of Osborne Place and Citadel Road in April.

He was also caught hanging around a city primary school this February in breach of a court order, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Jailing him for six months, Judge William Mousley QC, said Manley had damaged a “heritage asset”.

He added: “You scrawled graffiti in boot polish, you wrote your name and 2003. You were caught and you admitted it.”

Manley, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to criminal damage on April 2.

He also admitted breaching the terms of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order by standing outside the gates of the school in Stonehouse on February 26.

Manley finally pleaded guilty to failing to notify his whereabouts to the police as he must as a registered sex offender.

He was handed the court order 13 years ago when he was jailed for sexual activity with a child in Victoria Park in Paignton.  Manley is banned from going within 100 metres of any school.

Nigel Hall, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said that a witness called police after seeing Manley at the crescent-shaped memorial just after 2pm.

He added the defendant had written “Paul 2003” in large letters on the monument, using black boot polish.

Mr Hall added: “He significantly told police: ‘I don’t know why I did it, I do have respect, I hold my hands up.”

The barrister added that Manley had drunk several litres of cider but denied he had been drunk.

Mr Hall said that Manley had been spotted “loitering” outside Pilgrim Primary School at 4.45pm on February 26.

He added that the defendant walked down an alleyway and then stood talking to someone for two minutes.

The court heard that Manley had 15 convictions for 31 offences, including five for sexual offences and five breaches of court orders.

He and another man got a 14-year-old hopelessly drunk in Victoria Park in November 2006.

Manley went on to take advantage of him sexually before worried members of the public intervened.

August 2007

Two Men Who Got a Schoolboy Hopelessly Drunk and Then Sexually Assaulted Him Have Been Jailed

Two men who got a schoolboy hopelessly drunk and then sexually assaulted him have been jailed.

At Exeter Crown Court Paul Manley, 44, who forced the 13-year- old to drink, was jailed for seven years and Joseph Hampton, 20, who took a less active role, was given three-year sentence.

Hampton and another man, 44-year-old Paul Manley, were in a Paignton park when the teenager came up and asked them for a cigarette. After giving him a roll up and letting him have a sip of the sherry they forced him to drink quarter of the bottle.

Passing sentence Judge Graham Cottle told the pair they had offered drink to the teenager last November when he approached them for a cigarette

“Both of you were drinking at the time and he was offered some drink. More drink was obtained by Manley and it is quite clear the purpose behind that was to ensure the boy became incapable because you had sexual designs on him.”

The boy was seen being dragged along the road almost unconscious through the drink forced on him by Manley

He said the alarm was raised by members of the public who say the boy was kissed by both men and was being violently sick.

But for the fact that members of the public were deeply concerned something far worse would have occurred to this young boy.