March 2021

Worcester paedophile babysitter who abused boys is jailed

A dangerous and depraved paedophile babysitter has been jailed for 12 years for vile attacks on boys, one a child in nappies.

Simon Clancy, branded a ‘monster’ by the family of his victims, carried out the indecent assaults on three boys in the early 1990s in Worcester.

The bald and paunchy 45-year-old paedophile appeared over videolink from prison when he was sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday.

At one stage during the abuse Clancy declared ‘this is the best thing ever’, assaulting one of the boys after his dummy fell out.

The heartbroken mum of two of the victims, now adults, thanked Judge Nicholas Cole in open court for jailing Clancy and has spoken of her pride in the bravery of her sons in facing their sick abuser in court.

She said after the hearing: “It is a huge relief for us all that Judge Cole saw through Clancy’s lies and sentenced accordingly. I wasn’t sure which way the sentencing was going to go but some justice has been done so my family can start to heal.

“No amount of years behind bars will bring back their innocence but hopefully this will be the road to recovering from being robbed of a “normal “ childhood.

“At the end of Judge Cole handing out Clancy’s lengthy sentence I could not help myself by standing up and thanking him. To anyone who is scared to stand up and fight for justice no matter how long ago you will be believed you are worth being believed.”

She had previously recounted the guilt she suffered for letting Clancy look after her boys without knowing then what he was.

The city mum did not discover his gross betrayal of her trust until years later as her sons and a close friend waged their own secret battle over the horrendous abuse they suffered.

Declared dangerous in law, the child molester was handed an extended licence period for five years and must appear on the sex offender register indefinitely.

An offence of breaching a sexual harm prevention order will be allowed to lie on file.

Clancy has now been convicted of preying on six children in Worcester, pretending his abuse was all just a game as he assaulted boys and girls and betrayed the trust placed in him by their parents.

Clancy, previously of Teme Road, Tolladine, Worcester has also consistently showed contempt for the law, breaching a sexual offences prevention order designed to protect city children on 11 occasions.

Two of the three abuse survivors in the trial spoke to the Worcester News, thanking the jury for believing them after convicting the ‘predatory paedophile’ of nine out of 10 of the sexual offences committed against them in Worcester between January 1 and November 30,1992

Clancy tried to hide his face outside court, first with a clipboard and then with a bag.

The jury was out just an hour and 11 minutes before the foreman announced the panel had unanimously convicted the paedophile of seven indecent assaults and two counts of indecency with a child following a trial at Worcester Crown Court. Some of the attacks would now be charged as child rapes under today’s legislation.

The youngest victim of Clancy’s abuse, who bit the fiend’s genitals while he was being raped, was only four years old and still in nappies and using a dummy at the time.

He had been the first of the three survivors to come forward, reporting the abuse to police on October 12, 2018. Just three days later his older brother provided his first account and on October 25 the third victim gave his account.

Clancy had pleaded guilty to indecent assault against a male aged under 14 (seven years old) on May 12, 1993. When aged 17, Clancy had abused the boy on December 4, 1992 after ‘formulating a game’ in which he had to undress.

On February 2, 1995 he pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault against a female under 16 (one girl was 11, the other 13). Those offences occurred in May 1994.

Clancy was made subject to a sexual offences prevention order on December 23, 2004 which he admitted breaching six times in March 2010. He was convicted of breaching the order twice on March 28, 2014 and three further times on October 8, 2018.

This time Clancy was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order which will be indefinite and was made subject to a restraining order in relation to his three victims.

December 2020

Predatory paedophile guilty of more abuse

A ‘predatory paedophile’ child rapist has been unanimously convicted of sexually abusing three boys, including a child in nappies who bit the pervert’s genitals while he was being raped.

There were shouts of ‘yes’ from the public gallery as sick babysitter Simon Clancy was found guilty of nine out of 10 sexual offences against three boys in his care in Worcester.

The jury was out just an hour and 11 minutes to convict the 45-year-old paedophile of seven indecent assaults and two counts of indecency with a child in Worcester in following a trial at Worcester Crown Court. The defendant showed no emotion as the guilty verdicts came in today.

Clancy, previously of Teme Road, Tolladine, Worcester, was cleared of a single count of indecency with a child alleged to have taken place in the defendant’s own bedroom.

His denials meant three victims of his sexual attacks, all now adults, had to give evidence in court. So did the mother of two of boys who broke down as she spoke of the guilt she felt in leaving them with Clancy.

Their wives and partners also gave evidence in court.

Clancy had already been convicted of indecent assaults on two girls and a boy and had broken his sexual offences prevention order 11 times.

The jury convicted him after trial of abusing one four-year-old boy in nappies, attacking him when his dummy fell out and declaring: “This is the best thing ever!” But the boy bit his private parts and Clancy’s response was to scream and strike him. When asked in the witness box if he had caused any injury to Clancy the abuse survivor said: “I hope so.”

The other two victims were aged around seven and eight at the time of the attacks between January and November 1992.

Today some of these offences would be charged as rape of a child under said Matthew Barnes, prosecuting.

He said the starting point if the offences were committed today would be a jail sentence of ‘double figures’.

Judge Cole refused bail and remanded Clancy in custody, telling the paedophile: “Custody is inevitable.”

Judge Nicholas Cole adjourned sentence for a pre-sentence report by the probation service and for fresh victim personal statements to be prepared

October 2018

Worcester paedophile Simon Clancy gave ‘sinister’ gifts to 14-year-old boy

AN entrenched paedophile who sexually assaulted young children tried to groom yet another underage boy by making ‘sinister’ gifts of chocolate, a birthday card and accessories for his bike.

Simon Clancy of Teme Road, Tolladine, Worcester, also asked the 14-year-old boy to mow his lawn and asked him to come to his home, offering to teach him exercises to ‘develop his abs’.

The 43-year-old shook his head as he was led down into the cells by dock officers to begin a 43 month prison sentence (three and a half years) at Worcester Crown Court on Monday.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright rejected a request to suspend the sentence, citing Clancy’s repeated and ‘flagrant’ breaches of a sexual harm prevention order (SOPO) designed to prevent him preying on children.

Clancy admitted three breaches of the SOPO in the autumn and winter of 2017 when he had contact wih the 14-year-old, guilty pleas entered on the day of trial. Three further such offences will be allowed to lie on file.

The SOPO was put in place because Clancy was convicted of indecent assaults against a seven-year-old boy in 1993 when he was aged 17. He made the boy play a game which involved taking off his clothes, touching the boy and encouraging the boy to touch him. When the boy said he wanted ‘mummy and daddy’ Clancy told him not to tell them and said he would be ‘smacked if he told mummy’.

The following year, when he was 19, he committed further indecent assaults, this time against two underage girls (aged 13).

One of the girls was indecently assaulted under her clothing as she slept and he also placed her hand upon him.

Clancy breached the sexual offences prevention order six times in 2010 and, when the order was amended in 2013, he breached it on two further occasions.

Amanda O’Mara, prosecuting, described how during last year’s breaches Clancy bought accessories for the boy’s bike.

The boy’s mother asked how much she owed him but the defendant said she did not need to pay for the items which included a light, lock and reflector. He also gave the boy a lift to the dentist, asking him to sit in the front of his car. He bought the boy chocolate and a birthday card and asked him if he would like to cut his grass, something he never did. The boy described how the defendant was ‘over-friendly’ and made him feel ‘awkward’.

Miss O’Mara said: “He suggested the boy go around to his house and he could show him some exercises to develop his abdomen.”

Clancy was arrested by his offender manager on April 13 this year. The mother of the boy read out a victim personal statement in court and said Clancy’s behaviour had left her and her family ‘stressed and worried’ and her children were ‘scared to be in the garden alone’.

The woman wept as she recounted the family’s ordeal. She said: “I would feel better if Simon was detained. I feel he needs medical help and support.”

The woman said the defendant’s actions made her feel ‘sick’ and she felt ‘very sad about his deception’.

Previous breaches of the order in 2010 included Clancy attending a zumba dance event, taking pictures of children at a kickboxing class and acting as a member of doorstaff at a leaver’s ball where there were children under 16. In 2013 he worked as a steward at Warwick Racecourse despite being prohibited from working anywhere that might bring him into contact with children.

Miss O’Mara said Clancy’s ‘history of disobedience’ towards court orders was an aggravating feature and she argued this was potentially targeting of a particularly vulnerable victim.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright said Clancy’s actions had been in flagrant breach of the sexual harm prevention order. He told him: “It’s plain you were interested in this young boy. I’m bound to conclude that it was a sexual interest and a sinister one at that.”

He said he placed the breaches in category 1A and said they involved causing very serious harm or distress.

The judge told Clancy the offences were aggravated by his previous convictions and history of disobedience involving sexual offences prevention orders. The judge observed that Clancy had failed to respond to a community sex offender programme, acting ‘entirely contrary to everything you had been taught during the course’ by grooming the boy.

The judge also noted that Clancy had been subject to post-sentence supervision at the time of the offences.

Clancy was jailed for 43 months. A new sexual harm prevention order prevents him having contact with any child under 18 unless it has been agreed by his police offender manager and children’s or social services.

The order also restricts him contacting other sex offenders and from distributing goods (solicited or unsolicited) to any child under 18.

He is prohibited from photographing, filming or recording any young person under the age of 18 unless it is the recording of broadcast dramas or television programmes.

October 2014

Convicted paedophile flouted ban designed to keep him away from children by working at racecourse on family days

Simon Matthew Clancy got a job at Warwick Racecourse and worked as a steward at two bank holiday events aimed at families with children.

That was despite knowing a court order prohibited him from taking part in any activity where youngsters were present.

In 2010, Clancy was jailed for defying a court order six times by infiltrating a church group, two schools and a kick-boxing club to gain access to children.

London’s Criminal Appeal Court heard the events were advertised as being aimed at children and the entertainment included clowns, balloon-makers and magicians.

The 39-year-old, who has previous convictions for indecent assault and for breaching the court order on another occasion, denied any wrong-doing.

But he was found guilty of breaching the order and was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Hereford Crown Court in March. Clancy, of Worcester, challenged his sentence at the Appeal Court, with his lawyers arguing it was ‘too long’.

The court heard Clancy was convicted of indecent assault on a 14-year-old boy in 1983, and of indecently assaulting two schoolgirls in 1995.

In 2005, after he was caught associating with a known paedophile and a teenage boy, he was handed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

A condition of the order was that he was not to take part in any activity which would bring him into contact with children.

Despite this, after meeting a member of staff from the Jockey Club at Cheltenham races, he contacted her and asked if he could be considered for casual work at Warwick Racecourse.

Clancy, who specialised in hospitality events, worked there on Easter Monday and on the May 6 Bank Holiday last year, when family events were being held.

The court heard that, during the course of those two days, he would have seen hundreds of children who attended the events. He was previously sent to prison for two years for six breaches of the order, in 2010. On those occasions he had also got work at events which brought him into contact with children.

Sentencing him, the judge noted no complaints had been made about Clancy, but said he was satisfied he had targeted these events which he knew were aimed at children.

Dismissing his appeal, Sir Roderick Evans said the sentence was ‘not manifestly excessive’.

March 2010

Pervert is jailed after breaching court order

A sex offender defied a court order six times by infiltrating a church group, two schools and a kick-boxing club to gain access to children.

Simon Clancy acted as a doorman for an international dance event at Hallow CE Primary School, Hallow, near Worcester, and took photographs of pupils.

He also provided door staff for a prom at St Mary’s Convent School in Worcester. He contacted a boy he met at a church pilgrimage by phone and text and “took a shine” to two boys at the Pershore Club,Worcester Crown Court was told. Police found the boys’ pictures in his possession.

His behaviour breached a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO) – made by south Worcestershire magistrates in 2005 – banning him from contact with children under 16.

Jailing 34-year-old Clancy, of Humber Road, Ronks-wood, Worcester, for two years, Judge Toby Hooper QC said he had “infiltrated the social, recreational and spiritual lives of others” with the intention of grooming youngsters.

He said a pre-sentence report assessed him as posing a high risk in the future and he needed to protect children.

Clancy, who works in the drinks industry, admitted six offences of breaching a SOPO, handed out after three convictions for indecent assault.

One conviction was in May 1993 for an attack on a boy under 14, the others in February 1995 for assaults on a girl under 16, said Paul Mytton, prosecuting.

Clancy went to the school in Hallow in February 2008 after becoming friendly with a parent.

He took pictures of the boy he met at the church pilgrimage when he was 11 and 14 and gave him golf balls and pens as presents.

The manager of the kickboxing club had concerns about Clancy’s motive for joining, said Mr Mytton.

The two boys from the club told police the defendant became really friendly with them.

Clancy never told the head of the Worcester school that he had a criminal record or was under a court order, but attended three prom events.

He admitted to police he had been foolish but insisted taking photographs of children was an innocent action.

Nick Roberts, defending, said although they were persistent breaches, minimal contact with children had led to no physical or psychological harm.

He said Clancy, a licensed doorman before his convictions, had acted in the open and had not gone underground.