July 2019

Paedo caught masturbating in doctor’s surgery in front of schoolgirl and OAP

A convicted paedophile has been jailed after he was caught masturbating in the waiting room in a doctor’s surgery on two separate occasions

Stephen Theyer, 44, was spotted with his hand in his trousers, pleasuring himself at the Healthy Living Centre practice in Cheltenham.
A court heard how Theyer had committed the offences while on bail for possessing child sexual abuse images.
Theyer admitted two charges of outraging public decency in the surgery waiting room on August 27 and October 14 last year.
Prosecutor Janine Wood told Gloucester crown court during the first offence in August, a woman and her 15-year-old daughter had been in the waiting room with Theyer.
The mum said she saw him masturbating under cover of his trousers and reported it to the receptionist.
Then on October 14 an elderly woman entered the waiting room when only Theyer was there and she sat as far away from him as possible because of the “unpleasant odour” coming from him.
“She became aware of him fidgeting,” said Mrs Wood. “He had a bag on his lap. He was thrashing about and she thought initially he was going to have a fit.
She then realised he was masturbating.
Theyer has numerous previous convictions for indecent exposure, the court heard.
Judge Tabor told Theyer: “You have a completely uncontrollable male libido. Even anti libido drugs apparently cannot help you to control yours.
“You committed these offences in a doctor’s surgery while you were on bail. Your behaviour is accurately described as outraging public decency. You should be at least able to control yourself in public but you can’t even do that.”
The judge jailed Theyer, of Staverton near Gloucester, for nine months.

This will be added to the 12 month term he has been serving since November last year when he was jailed for the child abuse images offences.

November 2014

Serial bus flasher jailed after being found in possession of child abuse images

A serial flasher has been jailed for a year after being found in possession of child abuse images.

Stephen Theyer was banned from using public transport in 2010 after a series of sexual offences, including exposing himself on buses and masturbating in public.

Gloucester Crown Court heard when police went to the 44-year-old’s home in December last year he was found to have viewed and deleted the indecent pictures, as well as having a stash of legal adult pornography.

Prosecutor Charles Row told the court officers found images of children, where children were naked and in naturist poses on his iPhone, and further investigations revealed he had looked at and deleted 46 others.

Mr Row said he had offences dating back to 2003 and had previously been made to sign the Sexual Offenders’ Register as well as being made the subject of prevention orders.

Judge Jamie Tabor QC said Theyer of Gloucester Road in Staverton had a major problem with his libido and had previously been imprisoned and twice been on the Thames Valley Sex Offenders’ Program, aimed at rehabilitation.

The judge told Theyer in some ways he was a man to be pitted. He said: “You have a disability as far as your leg is concerned and undoubtedly you are a very lonely man.

“But I cannot over look that in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2012 you were out and about exposing yourself and masturbating in public.

“You have a major problem with your libido and your sexual compass.”

Defending Sarah Jenkins said Theyer came across the images as pop ups while on adult sites, but had a particular power to deceive himself.

She said: “They were opened and it appears they were deleted very soon after.

“What was found was a vast amount of legal pornography and a relatively small amount of indecent images.

“He has pleaded guilty because he accepts what he has done. He did not try to destroy the phone or hide it.

“There is no evidence he had been deliberately hiding it. He is a man that is well versed in the regime.

“He is described as being a loner. He suffers from high levels of anxiety. He is very isolated.

“He spends a great deal of time confined to his house and in particular the bedroom.

“Bearing in mind he does have a relatively long history he is nervous about going out and meeting new people through fear of what they might find out about him.”

Theyer pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent images between November 7 and 11, 2013 and one charge of possessing indecent images between December 1 and 5, last year.

The judge ordered he sign the SOR for a further 10 years and put in place another SOPO, including the restriction on public transport for a further seven years.