February 2015

Abuse victim forced to act out Kama Sutra finally gets justice after spotting GRINNING attacker in the street


A man who was made to act out scenes from sex guide the Kama Sutra as a child went to the police three decades later – when he saw his attacker in the street GRINNING at him.

Guy Beadle, who has waivered his automatic right to anonymity, was in London when he spotted his childhood abuser Barry Rosamund (pictured) by chance.

He said suddenly seeing Rosamund, who he described as a “monster” made him “sick to his stomach”.

It led to Mr Beadle, who has twin girls, calling 999 and Beadle being arrested.

Now Rosamund, of Looe, Cornwall, has been convicted of four counts of indecent assault, one of attempted buggery and one of indecency with a child

Recalling the first time he saw Rosamund since he was a child, Mr Beadle said: “The monster smiled at me as if nothing had happened. It made me sick to my stomach. I was exhausted of hiding the sordid secret.”

Mr Beadle told how he was nine when Rosamund, who was around 15, began abusing him.

The pair lived a few doors from each other in London. Rosamund was a friend of Mr Beadle’s older brother Mark.

Mr Beadle said: “Mum was a single parent to me and my two older brothers Gary and Mark. With four mouths to feed, there was hardly ever a penny spare. We didn’t have anything as fancy as Scaletric.”

So he was overjoyed when Rosamund invited him around.

He said: “I remember looking around Barry Rosamond’s front room. I felt like I’d just stepped into Aladdin’s cave.

“Barry asked me what I wanted to have a go on. It was every nine-year-old boy’s dream. It was like another world.

“I felt so grateful he didn’t mind me tagging along.”

The pair played and there were no problems. But one day Rosamund invited him around without his brothers.

“He said we could play table football,” he said. “I left Gary and Mark behind and went to Barry’s on my own.

“His mum was in the kitchen. But as we started playing the footie game in the living room something odd happened. He asked me to touch him intimately. 

“I supposed it was normal and didn’t want to be seen like a baby so did it. Afterwards he gave me £3. I thought it was what lads did.”

Mr Beadle said he bought an aeroplane model and the next time he was invited over he went.

“Most of the time we played in his bedroom,” he said. “It would always end with Barry forcing me to touch him as I cried.

“He even had a calendar of the Kama Sutra and would make me pick positions from it to try. Then he’d violently wrestle me into the pose.

“If I refused he’d put me in a headlock, choke me until I almost passed out. So I went along with it.

“One afternoon he forced me onto my knees and made me perform a sex act on him. Once he’d finished with me, he’d give me money and let me go.

“He threatened to kill me if I told anyone. I felt so worthless, but I was just a frightened child, didn’t know what to do.

“Then one day Barry got even more aggressive. He tried to rape me. He was 16 and I was 10, he was far bigger than me.

“I was in agony. I somehow managed to fight him off. I made a decision there and then. I was going to stay away from Barry Rosamond.

“So I began taking the long way to school and avoided Barry’s house. I stopped playing out with my friends, just in case he walked by. Then one day, Barry moved away. Finally I was free.”

But Mr Beadle said he realised after a time he could not escape what had happened to him.

“My memories chained me to the past,” he said. “They made me feel foolish and dirty. I tried to start again and aged 19, I met a girl and we had twin daughters.

“The four of us should’ve been so happy but I couldn’t forget my childhood. Another relationship failed and he moved back in with his mother.

“I’d never told her the truth,” he said. “I was terrified it would kill her, knowing she had failed to protect me from the predator on our doorstep.”

But on seeing Rosamund in the street in 2012 Mr Beadle told his mother about what happened, two months later she died suddenly from a massive brain aneurysm.

“They said there was no way of knowing but I thought the stress of knowing what Barry had done had probably killed mum,” Mr Beadle said.

In September 2014 Rosamond, then 50, appeared at Croydon Crown Court charged with four counts of indecent assault, one of attempted buggery and one of indecency with a child. He pleaded not guilty but was convicted and jailed for three years.

“It’s nothing compared to the 37-year sentence I’ve served, Mr Beadle said. “But I now know I did the right thing by reporting him.