February 2015

Serial pervert found guilty of sexually assaulting schoolgirls

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Scott McGuire targeted the youngsters, who were just 14 at the time, in April 2013.

The 27-year-old denied what he’d done, forcing both girls to take to the stand to give evidence against him. And after the girls — who can’t be named for legal reasons — told the court how McGuire had touched them up he was convicted of sexually assaulting them.

He now has the threat of a jail term hanging over his head when he returns to court next month to learn his fate.

The court heard that one of the girls, who was attacked by McGuire at a house party in the Ayrshire seaside town of Ayr, told her gran what had happened four months later.

The gran, who also can’t be named for legal reasons, told the court she learned what had happened following a family trip to the Showcase cinema, in Linwood.

She explained: “She said Scott had actually touched her sexually. “She asked me if I could keep a secret and I said, ‘You can tell me anything’. “

But I couldn’t keep it a secret, it was too serious, and I had to let her mum know what had happened. “She said she had been sick and had gone into the bedroom to lie on the bed. “She said that Scott came in and started rubbing her tummy. “

She thought he was being nice because she was not feeling well. “She said, ‘Scott’s hand went up and touched my boobs’. “She said he tried to put his hand in her pants and she stopped him.”

She told the court her granddaughter had told her that another male walked into the room to see if she was okay and that Scott got up and left.

The court heard it only became a police matter when the gran mentioned it to a friend who is a social worker.

The social worker said it was a child protection issue and they had to report it, leading to the police investigation and McGuire going on trial.

He was found guilty of sexually assaulting the girl by placing his hand inside her trousers and touching her thigh. And he was found guilty of assaulting another 14-year-old at a house in Paisley by touching her bare back and bare leg.

McGuire, of Glasgow’s Possil area, will learn his fate when he returns to Paisley Sheriff Court on March 19.