November 2008

Man raped and molested girls

AN ABERGAVENNY man was jailed for eight years after admitting raping and indecently assaulting young girls.

Shane Spencer, 26, of no fixed abode, was sentenced at Newport crown court yesterday for nine counts of rape, indecent assault and having sex with a girl aged under 16.

The court heard Spencer committed offences against two girls when one was aged under 16 and the other under ten.

The court was told after he raped one of the girls after he offered her Lambrini to drink.

Spencer also admitted having consensual sex with a 13 year old schoolgirl of when he was 26.

He was arrested for this on April 4 and claimed to police he had thought the girl was older.

During police interviews he admitted having sex with her three times and said he had believed she was 17 years old, but admitted the third time they had sex he had known she was under 16.

Sentencing, Judge David Wynn Morgan described this act as a “breach of trust”.

Of the other offences, he said: “It can be said that the rapes were committed a long time ago when he was under 20 years old and there’s been none since.”

But the judge added they had had a “devastating effect” on those involved.

He told the court the defendant had a background of depression and alcohol dependency.

Spencer was handed prison sentences of:

  1. Four years for indecent assault on a girl aged under 16

  2. Seven years for two counts of raping a girl aged under 16

  3. Four years for indecently assaulting a girl aged under ten

  4. Eight years for raping a girl aged under ten, to be served concurrently.

No separate sentence was imposed for the offence of having sex with a girl under 16.