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February 2015

‘Calculated and cynical’ sex beast caged


A ‘calculating’ sex offender who left a young girl’s life in tatters has been jailed for eight years by a judge who said he had caused “serious and lasting harm” to his victim.

Jamie Sampson continued a “deplorable” string of sex offences against the girl despite being given the “clearest possible warning” when police got involved.

He only escaped prosecution on that occasion because his victim did not make a complaint.

Sampson had denied the offences, but a jury convicted him following a trial.

As he was jailed for eight years, Preston Crown Court heard how his victim had been left scarred by the aftermath of her ordeal 

She still suffers sleeplessness and nightmares about what happened to her and fears she will never get over the ordeal.

Mr Justice Holroyde, handing down the jail term at Preston Crown Court, told him his offences were “calculating and cynical.”

He added: “You ignored the clearest possible warning when, part way through the period, the police became involved.

“What saved you from prosecution was that the girl did not wish to make a complaint.

“Undaunted by that warning, you carried on committing these offences.”

The 50-year-old, of Dinmore Avenue in the resort, had been found guilty of six offences of sexual activity with a child.

The case involved an underage teenage girl.

In a victim statement the girl spoke of having sleepless nights, or waking with nightmares as a result of what happened.

It continued to haunt her and she felt she couldn’t get over what had taken place.

Sampson had previous convictions, but none of those were for sex offences, the court was told.

Sampson was told he will be subject to a sexual offences prevention order for an indefinite period.

The judge told him the case was far from being a single offence one.

He added: “I am left in no doubt you pursued a quite calculated and cynical course of making her feel special, reassuring her.

“Eventually you got her to the stage where you could do what you wanted with her and you did.

“This offending has caused serious and lasting harm to her.”

The judge spoke of having received letters from the defendant’s family which were loyal and loving to him.

Mr Justice Holroyde added: “The pictures which emerges is that members of your family suffer and I am afraid must continue to suffer from your imprisonment.

“You have shown no remorse whatsoever at any point throughout this process.

“You are unable to face up to and admit what you have done. Plainly, nothing other than a substantial term of imprisonment would be sufficient for offending of this