February 2015

Former teacher avoids prison after searching for fellow paedophiles on-line


A former prep school teacher who scoured the internet for ‘paedo pals’ while posing as nursery rhyme character Jack Sprat has been spared jail.

Nigel Kitchen, 53, used the Skype name JackSprattyBoy to search online for fellow paedophiles, and joined a chatroom for people interested in ‘little boys’.

He was snared by undercover cops after sending a sickening picture of a child being abused, and admitting to the detective that he ‘loves little boys’.

Kitchen was found guilty of possessing and distributing an indecent image at level 4 – the second most serious categorisation which depicts penetrative sex with children.

Kitchen, a former science teacher at Summerfields School, a boys boarding prep school in north Oxford, was jailed in 2003 for possession of child abuse images

November 2002

A SCHOOL teacher and a top surgeon have been arrested as part of Britain’s biggest child abuse images investigation.

Nigel Kitchen, 41, a science master, resigned after police informed Summer Fields School, Oxford, of allegations that he had a large quantity of indecent images of youngsters. Bachelor Mr Kitchen has now moved out of his home close to the school.

Detectives seized a computer from the home of vascular surgeon Christopher Lattimer, 39, who was bailed by police.

He has taken sick leave from his job as a consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Margate, Kent, and cancelled operations at the Chaucer Hospital in nearby Canterbury where he treats private patients.

The two men were arrested as part of Operation Ore, a worldwide crackdown on paedophiles which has thrown up more than 7,000 suspects in Britain alone

More than 100 suspects have been arrested here, including 21 police officers, six teachers, civil servants, magistrates and social workers. Detectives say that about 95 per cent of the suspects are so-called respectable middle-class men with no previous criminal convictions.

They include two policemen connected with the inquiry into the Soham murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells.

Mark Taylor, head of classics at pounds 16,000-a-year Rugby School in Warwickshire, was suspended after being arrested and bailed. Alex Frazer, 43, responsible for all Customs IT services, was arrested at his Surrey home.

Fifteen children have also been taken into care.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Carole Howlett, who is leading the investigation, said: “There’s been a feeling this is just like looking at pornography – it’s not. A child has been raped or buggered or defiled to create these images.

“We’ve seized pictures of a baby being abused literally just out of the womb. That poor baby was still attached to its umbilical cord.

“In some cases abusers force children into acts in front of a webcam in effectively a live pay-per-view service.”

“As a priority we are dealing with those who have direct access to children and those with younger families.”

But there are only three paedophile units in the country, run by the Metropolitan police and West Midlands and Greater Manchester forces, and they have fewer than 30 staff altogether.

In Scotland there are 700 suspects, 279 in Cambridgeshire, 200 in Kent and 1,000 in the London area. Police in Surrey have 200 suspects while Bedfordshire has 60 “solid” cases. Cheshire and Northamptonshire both have 70 suspects and Durham 20.

Investigators now believe as many as 90 police officers may be involved in child abuse images.

DAC Howlett said: ” The growth of the internet and the ease with which everybody has access has provided unforeseen opportunities for people who want to engage in this sort of crime.”

The Association of Chief Police Officers asked the Government for more money to tackle the problem last week. But Home Office Minister Hilary Benn, who chairs the Taskforce on Child Protection on the Internet, said police had already been given an extra pounds 25m for “hi-tech” crime.

But DAC Howlett said: “That covers everything from computer hacking to online fraud. Fighting child abuse receives only a proportion. Until child porn is a national priority, it is not going to get the resources it needs.

“There will be other major operations like Ore. We need help both with resources to look at the computers we seize, and also in manpower.”

“Ore has shown that there is no typical person who abuses children.

“It crosses over all boundaries – profession, age, location, even ability on a computer.”