February 2015

Paedophile jailed for raping 7 year-old

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A man has been jailed for 18 years for a series of sexual assaults on a young girl.

Jamie Charles Taylor, 48 years-old and from Postley Road in Maidstone, began abusing the girl when she was just four and eventually raped her when she was only seven years-old.

He pleaded not guilty to two offences of rape, two of indecency with a child, three of indecent assault, indecency with a child and one of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual behaviour.

Following convictions Ian Henderson, defending, said: “There is no positive mitigation I can put forward.”

Recorder Enoch said Taylor had abused the victim “in the most vile way” in an atmosphere of intimidation.

As a result she suffered immense trauma, becoming introverted and unable to socialise

“It was almost certainly because of the fear that matters didn’t come to light more quickly,” said the judge. “She tried to complain and was not taken seriously.

“I consider there to be no mitigation in this case. There was a degree of planning. You held your hand over her mouth to stop her screaming while raping her.

“You groomed her effectively. You used threats to do violence to her. There are a number of aggravating features.”

In 2013 the victim told police about the offences, which took place between the years of 1999 and 2004. Police had visited her in 2004 after an anonymous tip-off, but the girl didn’t disclose any information.