Paedophile jailed for grooming and abusing 13-year-old schoolgirl


A paedophile will spend more than two years behind bars after grooming a 13-year-old girl and then going onto sexual abuse her

Fifty-six-year-old Barry Pomfrett was convicted of four counts of sexual activity with the schoolgirl at Warrington Crown Court

Pomfrett of Mill Lane, Stockton Heath, befriended his young victim in the pub she used to visit after school to say hello to her father

The defendant played in a music group at a bar in Latchford and was ‘well aware’ of the girls age when he met her in the summer of 2007

Despite this, the court heard how Pomfrett had acted inappropriately, giving her hugs and kisses including on one occasion ‘kissing with tongues’

The grooming then escalated with Pomfrett calling the schoolgirl at least three times a day. He also began taking her out in his car to ‘quiet places’

According to the prosecution, Pomfrett made his victim feel scared after touching her breast when the car doors were locked.

Prosecution added that Pomfrett sexually touched the 13-year-old girl at least 10 times, included one act of a very serious nature.

This catalogue of abuse came to a halt after the victim told Pomfrett to stop pursuing her, which he did

The defendant was later arrested in February 2008 after the girl told staff at her school about the sexual contact with an adult

Pomfrett denied all the charges and failed to turn up for the trial. On arresting Pomfrett again, police informed the paedophile they had a recording of a telephone conversation between himself and the victim, something of which he had denied had taken place.

Defence said the offender felt ‘abhorrence’ towards himself.

Judge Thomas Teague said the offender’s absconding, ‘added to the anguish of the victim’

When sentencing, the judge said: “Over some months you built up a friendship with her that was clearly not appropriate as there was a considerable age gap”

“You then exploited that relationship”