February 2015

Mother disappointed at sentence for pervert who lured young victims using Facebook


This is the face of the sick Facebook sexual predator who targeted vulnerable young boys for his own sexual kicks.

Pervert Raymond Brennan (22), posed as a teenage girl on the social networking website in order to get boys as young as 11 to strip and expose themselves over a webcam.

He threatened to publish explicit images of one victim online if the child didn’t send him more.

Brennan told gardai that he didn’t think there was anything wrong with his behaviour and that he was just experimenting with his sexuality.

He convinced one 14-year-old boy to meet him and engage in sexual acts with him

He also tricked another boy, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, to talk about his underwear and to masturbate on a web-cam. 

But before he began stalking the Facebook pages of innocent children, devious Brennan had already been grooming and sexually abusing a young boy for years.

Now that boy’s mother has spoken out for the first time about the devastation Brennan’s sick crimes have caused to her family and to her son’s life.

The woman, who we are calling Kate because she agreed to speak to us on condition that we do not publish her name or her son’s name, has hit out at the sentence handed down to Brennan. 

Brennan pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to 13 sample counts, including sexual assault, defilement and defilement of a child under 15 years old

Earlier this month Judge Mary Ellen Ring imposed a five-year jail term on the sex fiend, but suspended the last 18 months. She backdated the sentence to last June meaning that, with remission, Brennan is likely to be released from jail in early 2017. 

But his victims have been left to endure a life sentence after being manipulated and degraded for Brennan’s amusement.

The sexual abuse began when Kate’s son was aged 11 or 12. The court heard the victim has suffered from depression and anxiety as a result of the abuse and that it has had a huge negative effect on his family.

Kate said: “The judge in her sentencing made a mockery of my son’s bravery and all of the other victims too. My son and all of the other children and their families got a longer sentence. It will take years and years for them to recover and this sentence has just rubbed salt into very deep wounds. 

“We just wanted people to realise the impact this has had on all of us, but no words can describe it, and the court’s failure was the last betrayal.”

Brennan set up two false Facebook profiles pretending to be a 14-year-old girl and a 14-year-old bisexual boy. He then sent out random friend requests to males aged around 13 and 14. Judge Ring described this as a “phishing expedition” in which he used photos of particularly young teenagers to set up fake accounts. 

Around 350 people accepted the friend requests sent from the two fake accounts.

In one case he convinced a 14-year-old boy who has Asperger’s Syndrome to masturbate on a webcam. The pervert asked this victim if he would “do stuff on camera” with his 10-year-old brother, but the victim refused. 

The offences came to light when the mother of the first victim checked her son’s iPad and his Facebook messages and saw the sexually explicit conversations. 

Brennan made his first victim – Kate’s son – masturbate him in his bedroom, while both their mothers were in the kitchen downstairs. 

He forced this child to have sex and once showed the then 13-year-old online images of children as young as nine being abused by adult men. Brennan was charged with a number of offences of defilement and attempted defilement of a child. 

He claimed that it was consensual, saying: “If it did happen it didn’t happen like that. We would both do stuff to each other”. But a source close to the investigation said Brennan was grooming this victim from when the child was as young as 10. 

In another case, Brennan, again posing as a teenage girl, convinced a 13-year-old boy to appear naked on a webcam. He later threatened to publish images of the naked child on Facebook if the victim didn’t send more. 

Posing as a bisexual teenage boy, he also began exchanging sexually explicit messages with a 14-year-old boy.

Brennan later contacted the victim using his real identity and claimed that he was aged 17 and arranged to meet the boy.

He had sex with this child and he later told gardaí he thought this was okay because they both met of their own free will. 

Kate said she is devastated by how Brennan’s abuse has ruined her son’s life. 


“He saw me in court and walked right up to me, stood nose to nose with me with just a pane of glass between us.  I saw no remorse, I saw defiance, hatred and evil. The only thing this person is sorry for is that he got caught.”