December 2010

Scotland’s Fritzl jailed after keeping daughter hostage for 16 years and making her pregnant six times


INCEST victim Anne-Marie Wilson had a slavemaster and a rapist instead of a father.

Monster dad John Thompson, dubbed Scotland’s Josef Fritzl, raped his daughter repeatedly and made her pregnant SIX times over 16 years of merciless abuse.

But now, just days after seeing her tormentor caged for 12 years, Anne-Marie feels she finally has some justice.

She said: “I do not regard John Thompson as my father. I do not believe he has any right to be thought of as one.

“He made me a prisoner from a very young age and for much of my life. His abuse and cruelty took away my childhood and teenage years.”

But she added: “Knowing that the extent of what he did has been recognised by the court means I can move on and close the door on what happened to me.”

Dad-of-eight Thompson, now 65, brutalised his daughter in a calculated campaign to have more children and claim more benefits. He would force her to watch hardcore pornography before raping her.

He got three years and nine months in jail in 2007 for making Anne-Marie pregnant at their Glasgow home in 1995.

After that case, Anne-Marie’s story helped drive a major new police investigation.

And the probe by detectives in West Yorkshire, where Thompson and his family lived in the 1980s, ended last week in three rape convictions and a far longer sentence.

Detective Superintendent Colin Prime, of the West Yorkshire force, said: “This was the worst case of sexual abuse I have seen in 30 years’ policing.

“I can only hope Anne-Marie can now find some closure and get on with her life. I hope Thompson is never released.”

Anne-Marie, now 40, bravely agreed to make a complaint against her father and saw him jailed at Leeds Crown Court. It was the end of an ordeal that began nearly 30 years ago.

The abuse started in 1981, when the family were living in the Yorkshire city of Bradford.

Thompson, also known as John McMillan, first raped Anne-Marie when she was 11 and made her pregnant at 15. She had the first of four miscarriages she would suffer in her years as her father’s sex slave.

In 1988, she had a son, Benjamin, but he was stillborn.

Thompson’s abuse of Anne-Marie continued after the family returned to Scotland in the 1990s and she had a daughter, Jennifer, in 1996.

The little girl lived only eight months before dying of a brain condition and Anne-Marie finally broke free of Thompson after the agony of losing her child.

Detectives eventually obtained a DNA sample from Jennifer’s post mortem which proved Thompson was her father. It was the key piece of evidence that led to his 2007 conviction and sentence.

But the police had not finished with Thompson. West Yorkshire detectives had suspected for years that he had fathered baby Benjamin and they began to focus on him again as part of a review of unsolved sex crimes.

Mr Prime said: “We became aware of the police investigation in Glasgow and newspaper reports of the case.

“At the time of the original offence in Bradford, Anne-Marie said she did not want to make a complaint. But we always suspected Thompson was the father.”

Last year, police proved Thompson’s guilt, using DNA from Benjamin’s post mortem.

And this time, Anne-Marie was determined to help bring him to justice.

Mr Prime said: “The fact she was now willing to make a complaint, and had spoken openly about her ordeal, was crucial to securing a conviction.”

Anne-Marie said: “When West Yorkshire Police told me they had forensic evidence linking Thompson to one of his crimes, I had no hesitation in supporting them during their investigation.”

Thompson pled guilty to three counts of raping his daughter and one charge of indecent assault.

He will start serving his new 12-year term after he completes his 2007 sentence. Like Fritzl, he faces the real possibility of dying behind bars.

Fritzl kept his daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave for 24 years in a dungeon under the family home in Austria.

He forced her to give birth to seven of his children and killed one of the babies by refusing to get medical help for him after he was born.