January 2015

Ex-primary school teacher jailed for possession indecent images of children

A disgraced ex-primary school teacher from Chiswick who stashed naked pictures of children in a shopping bag behind his conservatory has been jailed for a year.

Peter Monks, 63, tried to hide more than 400 indecent images of young children from police in a Marks and Spencer carrier bag in his garden.

He initially denied having the child abuse images at all, then claimed to detectives that he had cut up the images and thrown them away.

But he was forced to admit he had lodged them in between his conservatory and the garden fence.

He had taught at Chatsworth Primary School for nearly 30 years.

He was arrested on 21 September, and was immediately suspended from his post whilst the investigation was under way. Following his guilty plea in early March, he is no longer employed by the school.