March 2015

Married man, 32, jailed for having sex up to 50 times with under-age schoolgirl


A 32-YEAR-OLD married man who had sex up to 50 times with a damaged and vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl has been jailed for more than four years.

Naieem Khan, a father-of-two, persisted with the “jealous, controlling and manipulative” relationship with the 15-year-old despite being twice warned off by the police, Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday.

Khan, of Hillcote Drive, West Bowling, Bradford, began seeing the girl after she shouted “sexy” as he drove past in 2012.

Their “inappropriate and illegal” sexual relationship continued into the spring of 2013, with the girl moving in with Khan for a time.

On December 18, 2012, he was pursued by the police around Keighley when he had the girl with him in the car.

The high speed chase on roads including Parkwood Street, Halifax Road andOakworth Road, saw him rip the bumper of his vehicle when he hit a wall and then collide with the back of a taxi.

The girl fled from the car in Fell Lane and Khan sped off with the passenger door hanging open.

He drove at double the 30mph speed limit before screeching to a halt.

He was pursued by officers on foot and arrested.

Khan pleaded guilty to three offences of sexual activity with a child, dangerous driving and child abduction.

His barrister, Ian Howard, said he was paying a heavy price for his involvement with the girl.

“They were both equally keen for contact to take place. He should have realised it was inappropriate and he should not have succumbed to his desire to form a relationship,” Mr Howard said.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said the girl, who has now left the area, had also been sexually abused by other men and was “very damaged and vulnerable”.

The girl’s mother was powerless to stop the relationship. Her daughter self-harmed and had been wanted to continue seeing Khan.

The girl said she and Khan had sex up to 50 times, despite the police intervening to warn him off in October and December, 2012.

Jailing Khan for four-and-a-half years, Judge Durham Hall said: “This is a very vulnerable young woman who incited the contact in 2012 and lied about her age.

“She was very anxious to continue in this relationship and she did not know you were married. When she discovered that, she took an overdose.”

He made Khan the subject of an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order and ordered Khan to sign on the sex offenders’ register and banned him from driving for three years.