March 2015

Pervert jailed after sending schoolgirls sexually explicit Facebook messages and texts


An Orpington man has been jailed after inciting children to engage in sexual activity.

David Hill, 25, was jailed for 19 months on Monday (March 2) after pleading guilty to two counts of incitement to engage a child in sexual activity and one count of witness intimidation.

He was also required to sign the sex offenders register for seven years.

On October 1 last year police were informed that Hill, using the nickname Kemz, was sending messages of an extremely sexually graphic nature to girls aged 14 and 15.

Hill, of no fixed address, was contacting them through Facebook under the name Realke Mzme.

Hill went on to meet his first victim, the 15-year-old, on a train in Orpington and subsequently arranged to meet her at Bickley train station.

The girl took along a 14-year-old friend, but they became unnerved after meeting Hill and returned home.

He then bombarded the 15-year-old with texts, telling her he wanted to have sex with her.

Hill became nasty when she would not respond.

He then turned his attention towards the 14-year-old, sending her sexually explicit texts.

Hill resorted to threats towards both girls when neither responded to his texts.

On October 10 last year Hill was arrested at Bromley police station, after he answered his bail for an assault and affray in Canterbury.

Hill denied the offences when interviewed, and maintained that a friend had accessed his Facebook account sending the messages and texts without his knowledge.

An additional charge of witness intimidation was added to the case after an allegation that Hill sent numerous sexually graphic messages to another 14-year-old girl.

When he became aware that the case had been reported to the police, he threatened the victim and her parents in an attempt to get them to drop the case.

Detective Constable James Coldham, from Bromley CID, said: “Hill targeted the young girls in this case by sending them vile and sexually explicit messages and then resorted to threats of violence when he was rebuffed.

“We would urge parents and guardians to teach your child to be very careful to befriend and communicate with only trusted people that they know. 

“Above all, assure them that it’s OK to come to you, or another trusted adult, if they feel threatened by or uncomfortable about something they have seen or done on a social networking site”.

Hill was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court to 10 months for witness intimidation, five months each for two counts of incitement of child sexual activity to run concurrently, and four months for assault and affray in Canterbury.

In a separate case Hill was sentence to 12 weeks’ imprisonment on February 26 at Bromley Magistrates’ Court, after pleading guilty to harassment.

Hill had sent his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend a number of messages of a sexual nature through Facebook after setting up an account under the name of Steven Harris.