March 2015

Dangerous, depraved, calculating child rapist jailed for 20 years


A child rapist has been caged for the next two decades after being found guilty of systematically abusing a young girl over a six year period.

A court heard how Michael Kay of Gordon Road, Chatham, first attacked his victim when she was in year six at primary school, aged just 10-years-old. He continued to abuse the girl until she turned 16.

His victim was too scared to speak out about the abuse, as she didn’t want to cause any trouble for friends or family. It was only when she told a friend about the abuse, that Kay’s depraved actions were finally revealed.

Kay denied two counts of rape and five counts of sexual activity with a child. He was found guilty, and sentenced to 20 years in prison by a judge at Maidstone Crown Court on March 3.

Detective Constable Ally Smith said: “Kay put his victim through a horrendous ordeal for several years, repeatedly attacking her and leaving her feeling as though she had no one to turn to.

“He targeted a particularly vulnerable young girl, who believed she could trust him, and his actions have undoubtedly had a terrible impact on her life.

“I would like to commend her for coming forward and assisting us with our investigation. That showed incredible courage.”

Detective Sergeant Dan Smith, who oversaw the investigation, said: “Kay is clearly a dangerous and calculating individual who had absolutely no regard for what he was putting his young victim through, and the length of his sentence should send a clear message out to perpetrators of sexual abuse: police will do everything in their power to track you down and bring you to justice.”