March 2015

Nudist farmer from Redditch found guilty of 9 indecent assaults on young girl


A NUDIST who began “naked farming” on his family’s Redditch smallholding – even driving a tractor with no clothes on – is now behind bars after being found guilty of nine indecent assaults on a young girl up to 40 years ago.

Peter Summers, now 65, took to wandering around “stark naked” at the smallholding in Stock Lane, wearing an adornment on his private parts, the trial heard.

Summers, now of Sambourne Lane, Sambourne, Redditch, denied indecently assaulting the girl between 1975 and 1983 but a jury of 10 women and two men took six hours and six minutes to deliver unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts at Worcester Crown Court.

Judge Michael Cullum, jailing him for four years, told Summers he had “ruined” a large part of the life of his victim, now aged in her 40s, after grooming her and then indecently assaulting her.

“Your later activities of parading around naked clearly caused her significant distress,” said the Judge, who told him he would serve two thirds of the sentence in jail and the rest on licence.

“For some years you had abused her, touching her when and where you liked.”

Summers has also been place on the sex offender register for life.

Abigail Nixon, defending, had told the jury that Summers may be an “odd” man with long white hair.

But she questioned whether his naked behaviour around his family’s smallholding may simply have “embarrassed” his alleged victim.

“She expected him to answer the door naked or be naked on his tractor,” said Miss Nixon.

“She’s seen him naked, riding about in the fields without clothes on.”

The victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, told the jury her abuse had ruined her life and she had been disgusted by seeing him walk around naked, with an adornment on his private parts.

In a victim impact statement – read to the judge by Peter Cooper, prosecuting before sentencing – she listed her feelings now, including that she felt “dirty, dead inside, ashamed, sad inside, not normal”.

She added that she hated sex, hated her body and never felt she could cope with the intimacy of childbirth.

She had suffered depression, self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

“I feel like I’ve never been allowed to forget the physical abuse,” she added.

Some of the alleged indecent assaults had happened in a caravan where Summers had lived with his then wife, Patricia, who later left him for his own father.

Judge Cullum, summing up to the jury, referred to Summers’s practise of “naked farming” and added that his family had the “strangest of set-ups.”

Giving evidence, the victim had said she felt ashamed and dirty because of the abuse.

She eventually told her husband and a community support officer about the alleged assaults, before making a DVD of her evidence.

In the evidence, she told how Summers at first tickled her and later began touching her.

Summers himself did not give evidence to the court.

There was drama as the jury delivered its verdict when the woman foreman swayed and collapsed on to the bench, supported by neighbouring jurors, as she delivered the verdict to the final count.

The judge adjourned the case so she could be checked by a first aider and another juror then took over to confirm the verdicts.

Miss Nixon told the court Summers had been “clearly shell-shocked” by the verdicts.