March 2015

Former soldier battered seven-month-old baby so badly its eyes rolled to the back of its head

Paul Davies - Clevedon

A former soldier who battered a seven-month-old baby so badly its eyes rolled to the back of its head has been jailed for JUST 20 months

Brutal Paul Davies, 28, left the unnamed tot with life-changing injuries and lied to its mum about the baby suffering a seizure.

She had left Davis looking after the tot and when she returned home he claimed the baby had “gone rigid” after having some milk and vomiting.

Prosecuting, Tara Wolfe said: “He said he started to become panicky.

He said he tried to call 999 but his phone wasn’t working.”

The baby was “pale and stiff” when paramedics arrived.

They rushed it to hospital where scans found bruising around the neck, a brain bleed and bleeding to both retinas.

Experts told the court the brain injuries were probably due to shaking, and the full effects of the trauma may not be known for years.

The victim’s mum, who is also not being identified, told the court she had “trusted” Davis with the baby.

Davis, of Clevedon, Somerset, initially denied injuring the tot implying it could have been forcefully treated by its mother or paramedics.

But he pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to the infant and was jailed for a 20 months at Bristol Crown Court.

Judge Michael Roach told him: “We will never know precisely how the baby came by its injuries.

“Whether through temper or loss of control, you caused devastating injuries to that small child.”

Defending, Fiona Elder said: “It was a one-off incident and a momentary loss of control.”

She said Davis had been using his former partner’s phone and the day before the incident she had cancelled her contract leaving him unable to call 999.