March 2015

Oldbury rapist jailed 30 years after attacking girls at school

A SERIAL sex pest from Oldbury who carried out a string of serious sex attacks on two young girls when he was a schoolboy 30 years ago has finally been brought to justice.

Philip Barrett, who was jailed for seven years, was arrested when the one victim finally revealed to police what he had done and it was not long after that the second girl made an official complaint.

Barrett, aged 46, who started committing the sex attacks over 30 years ago had told the one girl the consequences would be serious if she failed to keep her silence, said Sarah Buckingham prosecuting.

She told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Barrett who had 30 previous offences on his criminal record including rape and robbery had left both his victims psychologically scarred.

Barrett, of Clay Lane, admitted two specimen charges of rape and three of indecent assault and he was told he must register as a Sex Offender for the rest of his life.

Nicholas Smith, defending Barrett, said: “He has reflected on his past behaviour and he feels remorse and sorrow for the suffering he has caused.”

He said Barrett had spent most of his adult life in prison and he had become “thoroughly institutionalised” adding: “These matters have come back to haunt him.

“But he has come to terms with what he has done and the serious effect his actions had on his two victims. That is a good step towards rehabilitation.”

Mr Smith added: “He acknowledges the damage he has done and that it is still ongoing. He was very young when he committed the offences and since then he has served substantial terms of imprisonment.”

The court was told that Barrett was jailed for six years for rape and an eight year sentence followed for robbery.

Judge Peter Barrie told Barrett he had to pass a long sentence for the offences but added, “I know you have come to understand what terrible harm you did with your behaviour.”