March 1998

Former professional boxer was jailed for two years for a sex attack on a teenage girl at a Lake District camp site

Gordon Stobie (36) was found guilty by a jury at Carlisle Crown Court of indecently assaulting the 16-year-old girl as he was chatting to her in her tent in the middle of one night last July on the Park Foot camp site, near Pooley Bridge.

He had earlier told his 12-year-old son to go away and look at the lake for 10 minutes so he could be alone with the girl, who had never had a boyfriend.

Stobie, who lives with his wife and four children in Greenwell Street, Darlington, was cleared of a more serious charge of attempted rape, but Judge Robert Brown told him he had to go to prison for ignoring the girl’s pleas for him to stop.

“Your attitude was that you hoped that if you persisted for long enough she would change her mind,” he said. “It was despicable behaviour.”

The judge ordered Stobie to register with the police as a sex offender for 10 years.

At the time of the attack Stobie was staying at the camp site while working as a roofing contractor in the Kirkby Thore area. The girl, who was enjoying a holiday before going into hospital for an operation, told the court she met him after she befriended his children there.

Late one night, after they had all been dancing to a band in the site’s club room, Stobie insisted on cooking her a late-night omelette in her tent.

He quickly started making suggestive comments and questioning her about her sex life, she said. Then, after discovering she had never even had a boyfriend, he asked her if she would sleep with him.

He pushed her back on the airbed, pinned her arms above her head and started kissing her, she said. She managed to escape after knocking him backwards by punching him in the ribs.

In evidence, Stobie claimed the girl had made the running. She put her arm round him and kissed him, so he responded, he said.

He said he had been married for 18 years and would Do nothing to hurt his wife. “I love her to bits,” he said.