March 2015

Repairmen found child abuse images on Lochalsh man’s computer

A LOCHALSH man was snared for possessing child pornography when he put his computer in for repair and the images were found in a folder entitled “kiddies”.

The discovery was reported to the police and it led to them uncovering 65 images and nine videos on Allan Macleod’s computer which depicted children as young as five and others involved sexual activity between women and animals.

Macleod (26) of Balmacara was placed on the Sex Offenders Register at Inverness Sheriff Court on Tuesday and his sentence was deferred until April 15.

The court heard Macleod made a call to someone to repair his computer in March 2012.

Depute fiscal Karen Smith said within minutes the computer expert observed a folder named “kiddies” on the monitor.

“It was a reference to children as young as six and three,” said the fiscal.

“He stopped what he was doing immediately. He didn’t want to look at any of the files and requested someone else to come and confirm what he had found.”

The fiscal said upon opening one of the files they found an indecent picture of a female child aged nine.

“Both were disgusted at what they saw and took the computer to the police in Kyle where it was handed into officers,” she said.

Mrs Smith said police searched Macleod’s address on March 10 of that year and found no further computers.

She said he denied looking at any indecent images of children.

In total 65 images and nine videos were found.

“He stated he was unaware of any indecent images on his computer and said they must have got there by a computer virus,” she said.

The fiscal said there were folders for ‘kiddies’, ‘rape’ and an ‘animal’ folder featuring women and dogs.

Some of the indecent videos of boys and girls involved children aged between 5 and 12 and there were pictures of boys and girls aged between 8 and 12 posing naked.

Macleod admitted on Tuesday taking photographs or pseudo-photographs of children between August 20, 2009 and September 3, 2012 at Phoenix House, Croft 7, Hamilton Road, Balmacara.

He also admitted between March 28 2011 and March 7, 2012 at the same address having possession of extreme pornographic images depicting sexual activity between women and animals.

Solicitor Pauline Chapman said she would reserve her mitigation until criminal justice social work reports were before the court.