March 2015

Middle-aged housewife and dogging enthusiast caught with extreme beastiality images


A housewife who regularly went dogging has been caught with clips of women having sex with animals after taking her phone to get repaired, a court heard.

Dawn Love was found guilty of possessing extreme pornography after shocked staff at an O2 store found images of people having sex with horses on her faulty Blackberry and reported her to police.

During a search of her home and a camper van, officers also found a DVD showing women having sex with dogs.

A jury took just half an hour to find the 55-year-old, was born a man, guilty but cleared her of the second count relating to the DVD.

Love, who told the court she has regularly been going dogging for 30 years, stared straight ahead and showed no emotion as the verdicts were delivered.

During the one-day trial, the court heard she would regularly swap pornographic DVDs with various people including lorry drivers in car parks while dogging, however, she claimed she rarely watched them and often did not know what was on them.

She told the jury at Guildford Crown Court: ‘I went dogging all over the place. I had casual sex in public places.’


Prosecuting, Kate Mallison said: ‘The counts relate to a time on July 26 2013, when the defendent had possesion of items which are illegal.

‘She took her Blackberry mobile phone into an O2 store in Camberley to get it fixed. Something was seen on the phone which caused concern to staff and led to the phone being looked at with greater care.’

Love, who was dressed in a tee-shirt, trousers and a zip-up jumper, listened to proceedings at Guildford Crown Court through a hearing loop.

Ms Mallison told the jury of six men and six women: ‘What was found on the phone were two videos of images of someone having sexual intercourse or oral sex with an animal, namely a horse, which is banned by law.

‘As a result of her arrest, her property and car were searched and in her car a DVD was found containing a number of images showing someone having sexual intercourse or oral sex with a dog.

‘The issue is whether in fact Dawn Love was in possession of these articles,’ said the prosecutor.

The jury at Guildford Crown Court heard that Love worked in a West End club for gay and transsexual people, which often hosted television stars and police officers, two days a week and would often leave her phone on the reception counter or behind the bar.  

Love said she had been dogging since she was around 25 and never usually saw the same person twice.

She told the court she kept her phone in a holder on the dashboard of her Nissan camper van, where she invited people in for sex.

Love, who denied two counts of possessing extreme pornographic images, said she had not had her phone stolen or tampered with as far as she was aware.

When asked if she would leave the phone unattended, she replied: ‘All the time, when I was strapped up in the back, on the bed.’

The disabled post-op transexual, who went dogging around three to four times a week at the time the images were found in 2013, said she swapped DVDs with people ‘all the time’.

She said: ‘I would swap them with doggers and lorry drivers in car parks. They were straight sex DVDs mostly.’

When asked about whether she would always watch the DVDs, she replied: ‘No. One could stay in the machine for months’ 

The court heard Love took her phone into the 02 store in Camberley, Surrey on July 26, 2013 after her emails stopped working.

Horrified staff found two video clips called ‘Sally Horse’ and ‘Hannah’ showing video clips of women having sex with horses.Both clips featured a logo reading ‘’. 

Prosecuting, Kate Mallison said: ‘You say you helped at the club on Thursdays and Sundays. I ask that because these clips you had on your phone were accessed on a Tuesday. That would indicate they were not put there by people who went to the club.’

When asked why she had not tried to find out who had given her the DVDs, she replied: ‘I do not know the people who get into my van and tie me up and have sex with me. I wouldn’t know where to start.

‘Nine times out of ten I am off my head on drugs.’

Miss Mallison said: ‘Is it just coincidence that the two pictures are of the same nature as the DVD?’

Jobless Love replied: ‘I have all sorts of DVDs, several of black men who are well endowed. I never ask people’s names, I just get tied up, have a good time and never see them again.’ 

Judge Christopher Critchlow told the jury of six men and six women: ‘The only issue for you to decide is whether or not you are sure the defendant had the images on her phone and the DVD in her possession.’

Love, from Sunbury, Surrey, was found guilty of possessing extreme pornographic images on her phone but the jury did not find her guilty of possessing the footage on the DVD.

She was released on unconditional bail to return to the same court on April 17 for sentencing.