February 2015

Convicted rapist, already serving a life sentence, has been jailed for an additional five years

At the High Court in Glasgow, Gordon Burns, 52, was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl and sexually abusing a second girl between the age of five and 11.

The offences took place in various locations between 1986 and 1996.

They only came to light in 2012, more than 20 years later, after one victim contacted police.

The court heard that Burns raped the 13-year-old girl at a dirt track near Biggar, Lanarkshire, in October 1986 and March 1987.

The victim, now aged 41, told how she became “panicky” when he drove down the quiet road.

She told prosecutor Shanti Maguire: “He then put the knife to my throat and raped me.

“He basically told me: ‘You’re going to work as a prostitute for me. You do as I want or you’ll end up in the bottom of the Clyde.'”

She added: “I was 13 years old and I was raped at knifepoint. Afterwards he got back into the driver’s seat.

“I was just in shock, disbelief. I was absolutely terrified.

“I was thinking a multitude of thoughts.”

The victim said she didn’t tell anyone at the time and added: “Back in those days that wasn’t the sort of thing you would talk about.”

It was not until 2012 that she plucked up the courage to contact police about the rape.

Burns was also convicted of sexually abusing the other young girl on various occasions between 1992 and 1999 at different locations – including Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Falkirk.

The victim, now aged 27, recalled that he would regularly touch her inappropriately and kiss her.

Lord Bracadale sentenced Burns to five years for what he described as “very serious charges”.

The judge said it would be up to the parole board, who had refused him twice before, whether he would ever be allowed back on the streets.

Burns, who had denied the offences, smiled at his wife as he was led handcuffed back to the cells.

In 2000, Burns received a life sentence for the brutal rape of two teenage prostitutes in Glasgow.

The judge in that case described him as “a serious danger” and he was ordered to serve a minimum nine years behind bars.

His QC Frances McMenamin said that the 2000 case made “highly disturbing reading”, and that it was clear that Burns once had “deeply entrenched views” towards crime and women.

However, the advocate said he was now “well motivated” to change his ways.

October 2000

Prostitutes tell rape trial of torture attacks

TWO teenage prostitutes told a jury yesterday how they had been brutally assaulted and raped after being picked up in Glasgow’s east end.

Both claim Gordon Burns, 38, drove them to a house in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, and subjected them to a horrific and shameful sexual ordeal.

The first alleged victim,a 19-year-old, said she was picked up by Burns in Bain Street near the Barrow land ballroom in a white van and sexually assaulted with a a gun and pole before being raped.

She told Joanna Johnston, prosecuting: “He tied my wrists and ankes to a bed before assaulting me.”

She said she was abducted again months later in March by a friend of Burns and both men drove her to a farmhouse at Gartocharn in the boot of a car.

The woman claimed she was again raped by Burns, who threatened to kill her, and was held captive in a cupboard overnight.

A second alleged victim, an 18-year-old prostitute who said she became _ a heroin addict when she was aged 14, wept in the witness box as she claimed how she was subjected to a degrading sex assault in a house in Liberty Road, Bellshill.

She said she had been sexually assaulted with a hammer before being raped by Burns and told Miss Johnston at the High Court in Glasgow: “There was no furniture in the house apart from the bed.”

The jury has heard Burns – described as a prisoner at Barlinnie – denies the charges and claims mistaken identity.